Free Stock Photos: Top 10 Sites To Get Free Images For Your Website

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Getting Free Stock photos for a website is not so difficult these days there are a lot of websites that provide free stock photos to use for your website. Images and photos are one of the most important parts of your website. Images are used to attract your website visitors. The text in your site is also a very important part of your posts as the search engines read it and thus headings, keywords, links, and originality are also so important.

Free Stock Photos

A website needs attraction and it can be done by Images and photos as it plays a major role to bring visitors to your website. Images make your posts beautiful, colorful, and attractive. If you search any article or any post on the internet you will see that mostly all of them would be having beautiful and related images to their posts on their websites. It also plays a vital role to increase your website visitors.

You must have seen the Google Images search engine where most people search for images. Your images may appear there and you can also Generate website traffic from images.

There are three types of Images

Public Domain Images

These images are free to use and you can use them as you want. You can get public domain images free from a lot of resources online. Photos that are downloaded by you from a government website or public site are known as Public Domain Images.

Right Protected Images

These are the images that are brought for a certain time period for a certain project. The Images negotiated beforehand with the photographer. These Images are right protected and you can’t use them until you ask for permission from the owner of that Image. So we suggest you stay away from Right protected images if you don’t have permission to share them on your website.

Royalty Free Images

Royalty Free Images are also bought or purchased. But once you have purchased it, then you can do whatever you want with it. Other sites can also buy the same image.

There are several websites from where you can get free images and stock photos, and some of the most popular sites which are used for sharing free images are listed below.


Flickr is the most popular website for free photos which lets you share, sort, search your Images. There are a lot of photos available on Flickr and you can use any one of them as all of them are free to use and you can do whatever you want to do with it. But you should also read the terms because they have some terms and conditions for the Photos you download from there.


FreePhotosBank is another free stock Photos website from where you can get unlimited free pictures for your website. This is a great site for free Images and you can also see the popular and most rated photos on its homepage.


FreeMediaGoo is also one of the best sites which provides you with unique royalty free Images. FreeMediaGoo also provides you Textures and digital backgrounds for free. You can use these free photos for commercial and private use.


Freeimages is also a great source to get free Photos and they provide you with high quality pictures. They have more than 350,000 images present on their website. All the latest uploaded high quality free images are present on the homepage and you can also search for what kind of photo you want and it’s all for free.


PicSearch is an Image search engine that automatically searches for different images around the web and indexes them. You can find several Images from here for your website. Picsearch has more than 3,000,000,000 free pictures present on the website.


BigFoto is also a popular free Image sharing website that provides you with free Images and they have many Images on their website and you can search for any category of Image in Bigfoto. You can use the images as you want for personal or commercial purposes. For more details, you can see its copyright and use its free stock photo.


You can download premium and free stock photos on FreeDigitalPhotos. They have a long list of different free Photos that you can use in commercial use or private rules as per their terms and conditions. Be sure that you are strictly not allowed to sell or claim these photos as your own. You can search for several Images on Free Digital Photos.


Pixabay is a website containing more than 1.1 Million beautiful free images and is one of the best sites that provide free stock photos online. We also sometimes use pixabay if we need any photos for our website and it works great for us.


Lifeofpix is a place to get free high resolution photography for your website. The best thing about Lifeofpix is that it provides high definition photos and images. There are different kinds of images available and you can choose your favorite free images download.


Pexels provides you free stock photos that you can use everywhere. It’s free for commercial use and no need for attribution required. This may be your best choice to get free images for your website and millions of users love to use Pexels free images.


So above were some top 10 websites for free stock photos and free stock images which you can use in your websites and attract visitors. There is a huge list of websites like royalty free images and public domain images. If you know of any other Free Image sharing sites that we missed please comment below and we will surely include them in our list or if you have any questions related to the free stock photos please ask in the comments and we will love to answer you.