How To Create and Submit Sitemap for Blogspot Blog

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In today’s tutorial, I will show you how to Create and Submit a Sitemap for Blogger or Blogspot blog. Creating a sitemap for Blogger is not that difficult you just need to follow the below guide and go step by step with my given method and you can learn to create a sitemap for blogger and you will also learn to submit a sitemap for blogger or Blogspot.


What is a Sitemap?

A sitemap is a total list of your post which is organized like a table. It is the directory of existing posts on your blog or website. A sitemap is used to help search engines like Google and Bing to crawl and index your website. A sitemap is very important for your website because whenever you create a fresh post it will crawl and index your site. Many Blogger users have trouble making a sitemap so that’s the reason I created this post so I may help you out about How to create and submit a Blogger Sitemap.

There is also a Blogger Default XML Sitemap but the reason we will not select that option is that the Default Blogger XML Sitemap only shows the recent blog posts. It only shows 26 of your posts in the sitemap. So that was the reason we will not go along with this option. We will try the new and best method so your Blogger Sitemap will work great and you can easily create a blogger sitemap.

How to Create A Sitemap

Now let us come to the main point which is Blogger Sitemap. Simply add the below code into your Google Webmasters sitemap URL.

NOTE: Change the URL with your blog URL

Default Blogger URL Sitemap

Custom Blogger URL Sitemap

If the sitemap file is single then it should not exceed then 50MB and that is the reason we have limited it to 500 max results.

Have More Than 500 Posts? Do This:

If you have more than 500 posts in your Blogspot blog you can use the below code as it will index the rest of the posts which are above 500.


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Add Blogger Sitemap To Roborts.txt

User-agent: *

Disallow: /search

Allow: /


This is a code for roborts.txt which can be found in Blogger blog settings. Goto Blogger > Dashboard of your site > Setting > Search Preferences and click the button which says edit on the roborts.txt. This is very important and good for your site because this code allows the search engines to index your website it and it will appear in good search results. So this is how you can submit a sitemap to a blogger blog.

Submit a Blogger Sitemap to Google Webmaster

So now as you have created a sitemap for your blogger blog. Now go to Google Webmasters and Add your website or blog may be your blogger blog is automatically added to the Google Webmasters but I will recommend you to do it manually.

  • The next step you have to take is to click on your website.
  • Now you will see a menu on the left side of your screen.
  • Click on “Crawl” and then it will scroll to another menu right below it.
  • Now in that menu, you will see Sitemap, Click it.
  • Then you will see another screen see on the top right of your screen you will see a button named “Add/Test Sitemap” click on it.
  • Now right before your URL paste the below code


  • Now you have to click submit sitemap.
  • A sitemap will be created successfully!

Important Note:

If you have more than 500 posts on your blogger blog then let me show you how are you going to put them in your Robot.txt.

You don’t have to replace the more than 500 posts code on the previous code, you only have to paste the more than 500 posts code below the previous one as shown below.

User-agent: *

Disallow: /search

Allow: /



So I hope you have come to know now that how you can create a sitemap for a blogger blog and how to submit a sitemap to a blogger or Blogspot. It is very easy just to change with your domain name, and that’s it your done. Well if you have further questions about this post you can ask as below in the comments and spread the article on social networks if you got helped from it.