11 Pro Techniques: How to Promote Affiliate Products Online

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Are you looking for some best techniques to promote affiliate products online? If yes then this guide will help you through in the journey of Affiliate marketing and promoting affiliate products. I have explained 11 proven techniques which can lead you for generating some more sales from affiliated programs.


What is Affiliate Marketing?

If you are a beginner first you should know about affiliate marketing. In Affiliate Marketing you have to promote products of different websites and companies and when someone buy that product from your referred link or banner then you get commission on that. For example if you want to sell a product worth $100 and the commission on that product is 60% then if someone buys that product through your affiliated link then you get paid $60 commission simple is that.

Well today I will show you where you can promote the affiliate marketing products and generate a lot of sales and commissions. There are several ways you can promote products online but I will explain most of them and I hope that it will help you a lot.

Where to Promote Affiliate Products Online

There are several ways for promoting affiliate products online. So in today’s post i have planned to show you the most important and major ways to promote your affiliated product.

You need to keep in mind that while promoting a product, look for a related niche which must be related to your affiliate product. For example if you are promoting a product about Web Hosting Services then you should find a related website or topic for Web Hosting to share your product on it.

Social Networks


Promoting your Affiliate products on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest is a most common way which is being used by almost all the Affiliate Marketers. You can share your Affiliate Product through your Facebook account if you have a lot of FB friends or you can also join a group with thousand of members and share it In your FB group. Facebook pages having some good amount of likes can also work for you.

If you have twitter account with good amount of active followers then twitter will be one of the best way to promote your products online. While posting your affiliate links try to describe your product in a line or two to make users interest in your product.

Similarly there are many other social networks like Pinterest, LinkedIn, Google+ and much more…

Online Forums


Forums are the online discussion websites where people engage with each other and hold conversations like posted messages. These are different kind of conversations then of chat and text messages which are of one line. These are kind of long posted messages which holds the conversation between users.

Online Forum is a kind of great technique to promote affiliated product and grow your sales. The first thing you need to do is search for some top popular Forum websites to sign up with.

  1. Worrior Forum
  2. SitePoint
  3. DigitalPoint

Now you need to look for a related topic and conversation which relates to your product. For example, if you are promoting a weight loss product then you need to search some posts about weight loss.

Promote Affiliate Products on your Website or Blog


If you own a website or a blog with Good Website Traffic then it will be a great way to promote your affiliate product on your website.

Now the question arise how to promote affiliate marketing on my website?

It is simple, you can promote products on your website with a lot of ways. You can add a HTML banner of the affiliated link you want to promote and you can easily get the HTML code from your affiliated partner company.

You may offer promos, coupons or loyalty rewards to your users because everyone knows the importance of discounts on products so they will not let this chance go away and I’m sure you will generate some good sales through this. Keep your customers happy so they may also promote your products.

Use Search Engine Optimization


It is also known as SEO which is a proven technique to promote affiliate products. It is basically used to appear the visibility of your website in search engines like Google and Bing.

This may take some of your time because this technique is not  that quick which will start you right away but if you invest some time in it you will definetly get the benefits of it in the future if you use white hat SEO methods (clean methods) to rank your website in search engines.

Once you get it right, Search engine optimization will let you enjoy the benefits of this technique for a very long time and if you keep maintaining your SEO the right way then it won’t stop forever.

Having a Tools Page

If you really are into Affiliate Marketing then you must try having a tools page on your blog in which you can show your readers which tools you used to make your blog successful.

If your readers like your blog and if they trust you they will try the same products which you use for making your blog successful and in this way you can promote your affiliate product to grow your sales.

Create Helpful Videos for Products


If you think that you are good on camera then it will be a great chance for you to promote your product more. Creating videos like tutorials, product reviews or how to use a product will be a great idea to grow your affiliate sales.

Create a short video not too long and try to be very descriptive in the video. Guide your customers in a friendly and understandable way so they may get what they want.

You can share your video on Youtube as its the largest hub for videos on the internet and you will increase your sales as well as you can also monetize your videos with Google Adsense and make money with one of the best advertising networks online.



Blogging is a basic way to promote a product. In your blog you can be descriptive as long as you want about your product and give your users the full guide on your product. Tell them whats the product about and how they can use it to make the full use of it.

You can create a tutorial post on a product or you may give a review about a product, The choice is yours. If you don’t have a blog then we will suggest you to guest blog on some of the popular blogs online.

You can get great benefits from blogging because as these days you can make anything happen by doing blogging as it is a great way to promote your product.

Give Personal Opinion


Personal opinions by a person who personally used the product can be more helpful for the users to trust you.

If you have tried a product personally then it will be a great idea to promote that product because it will be easy for you promote.

As you will be having full knowledge about that product so you can easily convince your users to purchase it because you have personally tried it and it really worked for you.


Advertising your product will be the most easiest way to promote your affiliate product because you don’t have to do all the hard work for promoting. You just need to create a good title and describe your product in a short way or you may create a ad banner for your product advertisements.

Advertising on social networks like Facebook is a good way for generating affiliate sales because your product reaches to your targeted audience. You can also try to advertise your product on the Best Advertising Networks of 2021.

The benefit of advertising is that you you yourself choose everything about your ad.  For example,  which country or location the ads should appear to the users, you can choose whom to show the ads, choose to display ad for males, females or both and much more.

Weekly or Monthly Email to your Subscribers


If you are having good amount of subscribers then You can use your Email for sending weekly or monthly emails and offer your subscribers with your product in discount. This may be a good idea which will work for you if you do it the right way.

Send your products in email newsletters to your subscribers with a good description in it so users may take interest in visiting and purchasing your product.

Just be nice and clean so you will avoid spamming because it will disturb users and nothing will work this way. So to be nice and clean just give a great title to your product with a quick short description which describes your product perfectly and put your affiliate link in a decent manner so it should not look like spam.

Questions & Answers Sites Like (Yahoo Answers, Quora)


Websites where questions are answered is also a good technique to use for promoting affiliate product. This is where a lot of people also discuss about different products  and are waiting for the answers from users who personally used the product.

Promoting your Affiliate Marketing Products on sites like Yahoo Answers or Quora is also one of the finest way to get some sales.

Don’t do anything in a hurry. First build some trust and engage in your favorite topics and help the users with your best answers.

Now you can search or create a topic related to your affiliate product and start engaging with users. This will be really helpful for generating some sales.

Do you Have any Special Technique?

If you have deep interest in Affiliate Marketing and have different ways for promoting affiliate products then you may share with us. If you think you have any special technique which is not listed above then we will love to hear from you and will surely add it to this post.


So these were my top listed techniques to promote affiliate products online. This process is not very easy but if you work hard and give some time then you will definitely make money with Affiliate Marketing.

If you enjoyed this post on how to promote affiliate products online then please share it and if you have any questions you can ask me in the comments below.