5 Tips to Improve Google AdSense Click

Got google AdSense approval? Getting low click or less earning? Then I will tell you some tricks which will definitely increase your earnings. Many people face the same issue regarding ads click. The common issue which people have is a low click or low CPC rate.

As AdSense publisher, you know how much it is important to get more clicks as a CTR. Hence people always try to get higher clicks to get more earning. If you see low CTR and less impression then it’s time for you to apply some tricks to maintain it.

•    AdSense as a Part of the content

Making good quality content is a great idea for a website but including AdSense between paragraphs is a great idea. By using ads in between the content will increase the chance of impression. However, you should be care full also. You have to use it inappropriate way. It should not affect user experience.

If you want to improve your AdSense click from the page then focus on a theme that shows it as a feature. It should be not dominating the page as it will affect traffic. The theme should be responsive towards google ads.

•    Changing Positions of Ads

If you are not getting a proper impression then you should try changing the placement of your google ads. It works most of the time. Just make sure that you don’t place your ads in a proper way.

•    Relevant AdSense with Content

Not getting relevant ads can be another reason for your low ad click rates. Google generally offers relevant ads so that people can find them relevant. You should be specific regarding your ads and your target audience.

•    Research on keywords

What are the keywords that bring your website visitors to your website? If they find your website by typing a keyword with a low CPC then this is not good for your salary or your click rate. Google AdSense requires targeted visitors to click on targeted ads. For example, if someone searches for “free desktop wallpaper” and finds a computer website with a virus program in addition they may be less likely to change than someone who has been searching for “virus software”. A good way to find out what keywords people use to get to your website is to go to Google Webmaster tools.

  • Using both ads

Most people think that image ads are more important than text ads. They use mostly image ads not text ads. Never ignore one ad for other use both of them wisely. As sometimes user clicks on text ads accidentally however it will increase your impression indirectly.

Hence if you follow the above-mentioned method then you will get an increase in impression. Please keep in mind that whatever you do focus on advertising but take care of your content. The page should be hygiene as it will affect your viewer we don’t want to lose them. We have to do smart work so that we can earn a good amount with the audience