Top Paying Best Ad Networks For Bloggers To Earn In 2021

Are you searching for top paying best advertising networks for your websites? If yes then let me show you Top Paying Ad Networks for Bloggers in 2018. Remember before applying to these Advertising Networks you should have a decent amount of website traffic so you can generate revenue from your blog or website. I have researched and tested these ad networks before giving my list so take a look and choose the best one which can suit your website.

Best Ad Networks For Bloggers

List Of High Paying Best Advertising Networks

When you think about monetizing a website with ad networks every blogger first thinks about Google Adsense as it is the best advertising network online but sometimes it does not work for everyone and they get rejected by Adsense. So this list is also for those who are looking for Best Adsense Alternatives 2021.

Google Adsense


Google Adsense publisher network by Google is the best of all Advertising networks and you can use Adsense to monetize your website and blog and it pays you very high revenue and you can generate a lot of revenue if you have a good website and quality website traffic. Google is very strict about copyright content so when applying you should have your own unique content and a good domain like .com, .net, or org, etc. You can also apply for Google Adsense from Blogger (Blogspot) which is also by Google.



Media.Net is a contextual advertising network online which is also a great alternative to Google Adsense. It was founded in 2005 by Bhavin Turakhia, Divyank Turakhia and it is serving more than 100 million users online from Yahoo! Bing ad network. You can apply for as it is a CPC, CPM and CPA advertising network.

Adsterra Network


Adsterra Ad Network provides a range of advertising for both advertisers and publishers. Adsterra is a kind of advertising network that also provides you with a facility to make money without a website or blog isn’t it cool? You can visit and learn more about this on Adsterra. It also provides you with different ad formats which can generate more revenue from your blog.



Infolinks is a text link advertising network. You can start to make money online with blog or website just register with Infolinks as it is one of the best and most used advertising networks by bloggers. You can also use Infolinks with Google Adsense as it is a great match and you can double your earnings by having this perfect match.



Chitika is counted in my list of best ad networks of 2018. Chitika was founded in 2003 and till now with its best performance it is serving thousands of websites and millions of users online. It provides you with real time bidding and also gives you real time reporting about your ads in your publisher account panel. You can maximize your earnings with Chitika if you have good quality website traffic. It is also counted as the best ad network for small publishers.

Buy Sell Ads


Buy sell Ads is one of my favorite advertising network online because it has some great features that I love and it also provides you with a special feature that advertiser can offer you to display their ads directly from your website. It provides you with header banners, sidebar banners, and lower banners above the footer. Every banner has its own cost and your earnings are increased by Buy Sell Ads. So it is counted in my list of best ad networks for bloggers.

Ad Maven


Ad Maven has improved a lot in the past couple of years. Now Ad Maven is one of the best alternatives to Google Adsense. It provides you with a great user friendly publisher platform and you can start right away after creating your account. Ad Maven provides you with a variety of ad formats from which you can increase your daily income and one of the best features they have is that Ad Maven has a solution for the Ad blocks so almost 100% of users can see your ads and you can increase more revenue from Ad Maven advertising network.

Ad Buff


One of the top Adsense alternatives is the AdBuff advertising network which is paying very high rates for CPC and CPM. AdBuff brings the strongest features for its publishers with real-time dashboards, 100% fill rates, account manager for each account, a wide range of payment options, and much more.

Revenue Hits


Revenue Hits let you generate maximum revenue with minimum profit. Revenue Hits is used by more than 20,000 publishers worldwide. You have a wide range of ad formats to generate more revenue from your website like Display Banners, Button, Footer, Interstitial, Pop Ads, Shadow Box, Slider, Top Banner, Dialog Notifier. RevenueHits also offer flexible pricing models CPA, CPI, CPL and CPM.

Rev Content


RevContent is a content recommendation network that was founded in 2013. It is one of the fastest growing Advertising networks as they get 250 Billion content recommendations per month. Rev Content provides you a high RPM up to $40 and they have great ad formats which are perfectly used for the users on your website and they get a great experience of your site and RevContent.

Ad Blade


AdBlade is also counted in my list of top paying ad networks of 2017 and 2018. It was founded in 2008 and till now AdBlade is serving millions of users around the world. It provides you with a variety of ad formats and pays you for CPC, CPM and real time bidding.



UnderTone is a digital advertising company that was founded in 2002 by Michael Cassidy. Undertone having 15 years of experience, it has helped hundreds of the world’s biggest brands to generate the best revenue possible. It gives you some great ad formats to maximize your earnings like high impact, video, mobile and native. You should have a minimum of 250,000 monthly visits to your website in order to use an UnderTone on your website.

Vibrant Media


This is an advertising network which delivers viewable, native and advertising at scale. Vibrant Media is one of the best native ad networks and is serving millions of users online around the world. It also provides you with a wide range of ad formats that can increase your daily earnings and can be a perfect match for your website.

Epom Market


You can get started with Epom Markets ad exchange, PPC, CPM, and CPA ads. It is one of the largest and most used ad networks by advertisers and publishers around the world and epom provides you with its highest rates and great ad formats so you can generate some handsome revenue from your blogs and sites. You can monetize on desktop, mobile, in videos and in apps. I will also recommend this in the best mobile ad networks.



Haxhax is the new generation of advertising marketplace. It provides its publishers around the world with its best ad performance and best high rates. Haxhax is providing its services to thousands of customers around the world and serving ads to millions of users around the globe. You can check haxhax as it also counted in my list of Best paying advertising networks for bloggers to use in 2018.



Clicksor serves ads on over 100,000 websites online. Clicksor offers you high rates in their publishers network and has text link ads, banner ads, layer ads, full-page ads and pop-up ads from which you can earn some handsome revenue from serving clicksor advertisements. Clicksor provides you with real time reports and some extra earnings.

Propeller Ads


Propeller Ads is an advertising network that is serving its best ads to millions of users online from around the world. You can monetize your website or monetize your mobile app and you can increase your earnings with propeller ads as it gives you its best rates and has a variety of advertising formats. It also provides high eCPM rates for international traffic and has multiple payout options for its publishers to enjoy their company with Propeller Ads

Max Bounty


Max Bounty is the best affiliate ad network used by thousands of website owners. It is a CPA advertising network and if you have a blog or website you can earn some decent income from Max Bounty or if you have high quality and massive website traffic than you can earn a lot. Max Bounty is the name because they pay the highest rates available.



Exponential is a global advertising network which was previously known as Tribal Fusion. It is one of the best ad network to use in 2018 and I will recommend you that if you have good and quality traffic then you can generate great revenue from exponential. It provides you with the best rates in the market and also provides you with a wide range of advertising formats.

Yllix Meida


Yllix Media is another best advertising network for small publishers. I have also tested it a couple of times and it worked great for me. The best thing I think about Yllix is that the minimum payout is $5 and you can withdraw payment by Payza or Paypal and you may get some more payment options.


So this was my list of the best advertising networks to use in 2018 and make money online blogging so you can generate high revenue from ad networks. If I missed any advertising company please mention it in the comments below and I will add it to my list or if you have any further questions related to top paying ad networks so you can contact me and I will love to help you.