Best Ways To Make Money With Blogging In 2021

When you come to an internet world to earn money everyone thinks of making money with a blog most of the people just work with ad networks and run their site and they don’t know that they can make money with blogging in many other ways. Many of my friends just asked me this question so I have also shared with you that yes you can really earn income from blogging, it’s not just advertising networks but there are thousands of more and more ways that can generate a lot of revenue and you can earn a good amount of money. I will give you an example of Darren Rose he is a part-time Blogger and he earns 6 figures earning a month now you can think that why you can’t do that. The only thing you need for this process is a Blog or a Website. Now I have listed my top ways of Making Money with blogging so read it and you may learn a lot because all you need is hard work.

Advertising Networks


Ad Networks are the most common way of earning with a blog because every blogger or website owner uses it and you see it on every website. Advertising networks are the start for earning revenue with blogging and whenever someone creates a new blog or website and they think of earning money with it, The first thing in their mind is Ad Networks. They want to sign up with a good Ad network that pays higher revenue. For example Google Adsense, Infolinks, and Chitika.

Affiliate Marketing


You can earn money with blogging by promoting affiliate products, In affiliate marketing, you choose a product and promote it on your blog then any of your visitors may got interested in buying that product and if they buy the product through your website and through your Affiliate link you get a commission for that and you get paid. Some of the popular Affiliate Marketing Websites are Clickbank, Amazon Associates, and eBay Partners Program.

Selling Products


Selling products is also a great way of Earning Money with Blogging. You can sell virtual products and physical products. Virtual products are like selling Ebooks, Software/Apps and providing some courses, etc. Physical Products are like selling DVDs and Books on your Blog. These were some examples of selling products on your website.

Provide Services 


Make money with Freelancing, Coaching, Training, Designs, and Events. These are the kind of services you can provide on your website. But you have to be professional, if you are giving services related to Freelancing or Training about anything so first you should have some knowledge about what you are teaching someone. These will also work for you if you work hard. Most of the professional bloggers do like that and they are earning a lot of revenue with Blogging. So this may also be a great way to earn with a blog or website.

Selling Advertisements


Selling Advertisements is also a great way. In this way, you directly get contact with the advertiser and set the price of advertisements manually whenever you want. And you have a lot of profit by this method you should be sure you have a good amount of traffic so people will love to advertise on your blog. This method is one of my favorite and if you do this you can earn a handsome income with Blogging.

Pay Per Post


In this way you have to sign up with a website or company which pays you per post, when you sign up with it they will give you a topic or product on which you will have to write on your blog and when you complete your post and submit to them they will review your post and when it is approved you get paid that’s also a great way for making money with blogging free.

Giving Access To Premium Content


This is also one of the best methods, you can create some premium content that should be only available for your premium users and if any new user wants to be your premium user you get to set a price for giving premium content to your visitors but be sure the premium content is actually premium. I mean it should be something like professional and users will love to buy. If you are giving premium content that is already on the internet and others can access it for free then there is no use of your premium content. So try to make something unique and professional so that users can buy your premium content.

Extra Guide: Ask For Donation

You can make a little income by placing a Donation box and ask people to donate for your blog, That is also a way you might have seen on many other blogs so you can try it by adding Paypal, Payza, or any other donation box. But the thing is that you should provide free and unique content to your visitors and if you really work hard for your Blog people will see you are providing great information and they will Donate to your Blog.

Last Words, You’re Done

So as I have listed some best methods to make money online with blogging now you can start trying the methods given above. All you need hard work and research more and more. The more you research and work on it the faster you will achieve your goal.

Well if you have any special method in your mind please share it with me and I will add it to my posts or if you have any questions regarding Making Money with Blogging so you can ask me In the comments below and I will love to answer you.