Using Reddit To Generate Massive Traffic To Your Website

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Reddit is a Social Bookmarking website which helps to generate traffic to your website or blog. It’s not only just some visitors but you can say massive amount of traffic. Well you might not know about this thing but today I will share with you a secret about Reddit. Now you can Generate massive traffic from Reddit and can generate millions of views for your website per day, Yes its possible that you can generate a lot of traffic for your blog through Reddit. There are currently millions of users using Reddit to generate massive amount of traffic per day to their blogs. Well so In this article I will guide you step by step about the procedure for getting high amount of traffic through Reddit. And the best thing about this website is that it’s absolutely free of cost.


Apart from Facebook and Twitter, Reddit is the most used site for generating visitors to your website or Blog. There is also another website known as StumbleUpon through which you can also generate a lot of traffic. I will prepare a post for StumbleUpon also. Well these are some best Social Bookmarking sites but I will still go with Reddit as it is the best of all in my point of view.

How It Works?

Reddit lets you submit your links or you can submit a Text post which is similar to an article. Reddit is a community or you can say Sub Reddits. As you submit your new links at Reddit other members of Reddit community up vote and get engaged in comments. So this is how the best posts that have high up votes and comments are selected to be shown on the front page of Reddit and this is how you can Generate massive traffic from Reddit to your website.

How To Create A Reddit Account

As you are a new user you should first Sign Up for a Reddit account. As you have finished the sign up process you will have to confirm your email. Once your new Reddit account is active and running you can start submitting links and you can also give votes and comments to other members of Reddit community.


Each entry is known as a sub reddit. The homepage shows the best selected posts from Reddit users. They look for best and unique posts having high up votes, comments, karma etc and they choose it as a featured content and they put it on the front page of Reddit. If your post has been selected for featured post your post will be added to the front page of Reddit and you can get a lot of hits and massive amount of traffic to your website and blog.

Something Important To Care About On Reddit

Remember don’t spam or get a ban. Reddit is very strict about their rules and regulations that have to be followed by their users otherwise your account on Reddit can be banned or removed. You need to keep your self calm and just follow the rules and regulations.

Reddit don’t allows you to only submit your own links in your account. It is against the rules and your account will be straight away banned without any warnings. You have to submit and share interesting links which should be also from other websites or blogs. Just post randomly, First of all build your trust in the Reddit community and then i have a secret for you if you follow the steps given.

First submit one link from your blog and then submit 10 links from 10 different blogs and give at least 5 to 15 minutes after every submission and repeat these steps every day. But i am warning you again, it will be better to read the rules and regulations of Reddit on their own website first because they may change their rules any time they want so you should also look after that to be safe.

It is really important to understand that don’t ever spam on Reddit as they are really strict to their rules. I also got banned once because I was spamming links and only posting my links when I was new to Reddit so be careful if you got banned it will be really hard for you to get your account back or they may remove you account. You need to follow step by step to understand so you can generate high traffic from Reddit fast.

How To Submit Links On Reddit

Sub Reddit is the category in which you can post your links on reddit. There are huge amount of sub reddits available almost more than 22,1976. You have to make sure that you should post your link in the perfect category (Sub Reddit) or it will not work for you so be careful in every step.


Make Timing Post


The best time to post your link on Reddit is when most of the users are online and the best time to post on Reddit is before 5PM EST because this is the time when mostly users are online using Reddit. Making a timing post will help you generate more traffic from Reddit.

How to Get on the Front Page of Reddit

Now you need to know something about bringing your content to the front page. Well its not very easy but by understanding the steps given and doing hard work on it will work for you. The first thing you have to do is keep your Title new, interesting and catchy that will bring more hits on your post and your link must have quality content.


As if anyone clicks on your link they will go to a new page where they can up vote or down vote your post and they can also comment on your submitted posts they can build karma for you by voting. The up votes and comments will bring your link to the front page. If your post had high amount of up votes and comments then Reddit will bring your post to their front page and your post may become featured and then you can get massive hits to your link and huge traffic will be generated for your website.

Connecting With Friends On Reddit

Friends can also contribute to generate traffic for your blog as they may share, vote and comment your posts. To add someone on Reddit visit his/her user profile and you will see an option on the top of their profile “+friends”. By clicking this option that user will be added to your friend list and then you can ask him to visit your post and up vote your post. Ask them to give positive comments on your posts which will give your post a good rank.

What is Karma in Reddit?

The points or score of the user on Reddit is known as Karma. Karma is very important for Reddit users as it helps a lot for driving traffic to your website. When you get good comments and up votes your karma start growing. Make your karma reach at least 150 to get massive amount of traffic from Reddit.

Last Words

As at the end of this post I want to say some last words to you, Keep working hard and don’t give up. Its not easy to generate massive traffic from Reddit but if you work hard and give at least an hour or more to Reddit every day you will see by yourself when you get high traffic to your website every day. And as I told you above, post 1 link of your own and 10 links of others then 1 link of yours and 10 links of others and post each link after 5 to 15 minutes each. As your Karma reaches 150 you will see the result by your own and I hope you will drive high traffic through Reddit.

Well this post came to an end, hope you may have learnt something from it. If  you have any questions reguarding Reddit, Sub Reddit, Karma etc then please feel free to ask me down in the comments and don’t forget to share this posts on social networks and with your friends.