How to Choose Right Theme for Your Blog

Did you know that your blog title is as important as what you write about? The way your blog looks will affect how others see you. Your blog and theme of your choice. It is important to look good and feel your business.

choose right theme your blog

The theme that comes with any WordPress blog installation is clear and does not look good. So you want to find your theme to make your blog different for you and your business.

There are hundreds of thousands of free themes that you can get just by doing a simple search with your favorite search engine like Google. But there are some things to consider when choosing your theme.

Header – do not find one of these themes that the header is too large, this will distract your reader and they will have to browse to read your post. Keep your head up short so that your post is what your readers see.

Navigation – decide this before downloading any content. Blogs are different than websites, you can’t enter code and just change where this comes from. So make sure the theme you choose has the navigation you want.

Sidebars – most do not know that sidebar placement cannot be moved. If your theme has a sidebar on the left you can’t move it to the right side. So make sure your sidebar is where you want it to be.

Color scheme – stay away from silly colors, this will only hurt the eyes of your readers and they will walk away. Keep your color scheme a simple white background with a black letter. Your colors should be soft and easy on the eyes. Some of the top colors you can use are red, blue, yellow, and purple.

If you choose a theme, I highly recommend that you also select at least 3 or 4 different types of themes and test them.

I’ve found that the way the theme looks in the preview is not always the way it works when posted on a blog, so make sure you have certain options. Following these steps can save you time and frustration. Knowing what your theme will be Before you look at it is always best. Have in mind what you want, the right or left sidebars? Navigating above your head or under your head?

There are tons of free themes out there to choose from, doing a simple Google search will bring back thousands of places to look. Remember, too, that you are not committed to the theme of your choice.

This is one good thing about blogs, if a few months in line, you want to change your blog title, it is very easy to do and most of the time it will not affect your blog in any way.