WordPress Plugin and security

What to use as a plugin in WordPress? Many people has concern about it. Let’s face it; WordPress plugins are essential for every WordPress website or blog. To put it another way, it is almost impossible to use a WordPress blog without them. The fact that they are comfortable and very inclusive. But what is evil? One of the most important things to ask yourself is whether you have just installed a secure plugin? The security of the WordPress plugin never crossed my mind until I made the mistake of installing one from an unreliable source.

Installing a secure plugin should be very important when managing your website or blog. They are usually designed to make life easier and more productive, and they usually do. However, not all plugins are safe.

How can you make sure you have a secure plugin?

There are hundreds of thousands of plugins available on WordPress.org and many of them are developed by various program programs. There are plugins for building contact forms, helping you with your search engine optimization, jQuery slides and much more! But what happens when you install a plugin with some security use? Unfortunately, it is possible that some are slipping on the net and full of malware (I will explain which ‘malware’ is a bit slow in the article). These plugins may cause damage to the security of your blog.

How do I know if I have installed a secure WordPress Plugin?

Until WordPress Security Monitors arrived, there was no quick way to check if you had installed a secure plugin. WordPress Monitors scans the plugins you have installed and scans each of them, looking for security risks.

Secured WordPress Monitors will also look for malicious code. Malicious code (also known as malware or web malware) includes Viruses, Worms, Trojans, Rootkits and more. Hackers plant malware on websites for many reasons. One of these reasons could be to disrupt your website by sending your users to other websites when they click on one of your links. If you have malware on your website, it may result in your website being blocked by Google. Therefore, finding a WordPress Monitor that can scan your website with malware is essential!

Time to Take Web Application Security seriously

Most people take the security of the web application lightly, until their website or blog is hacked by a criminal. Unfortunately, hacking happens and happens on websites of all sizes. Make sure your website is not on the hacker radar by making sure all your plugins are secure.

If you value the security of your websites, I definitely recommend using WordPress Monitor. How do these monitors work? Yes, once your new monitor has started a full scan of your website, it will let you know when your plugins are secure. It will also let you know which plugins need to be updated. Although your WordPress Monitor will tell you if your plugins are up to date, it is best to make your plugin updates as soon as updates are available because if there is a risk, the plugin developer will probably be notified of his plugin.

In some cases, however, the author of the plugin may not remove the known vulnerability, either because he has no time or has stopped updating the plugin. If that happens, it’s time to check out the new plugin.