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Top 10 Ways to Generate Traffic to your Website


Many Online Bloggers mostly newbies face problems when it comes to how to Generate Traffic to your website. Well, first of all, let me tell you that Generating traffic for your website isn’t that easy and one thing more I want to tell you, in the beginning, is that you have to keep patience because your website traffic cant grow up in 1 or 2 days. It takes a lot of time so keeping patience will help you go through to Generate Traffic for your blog and website.

Generate Website Traffic


Offer Quality, Free and Original Content

This means that you should offer users good and quality content which should be free and try to make articles that may not be found elsewhere on the internet. You should make articles that should be having high-quality content which may rank you up from your competitors.

You must create good useful and helpful content which can help users to get what they came for. You need to offer your website visitors the information or problem solving which they are searching for and your content must give them the right answer. So if any user visits your website and your content helped him once he will surely try to visit next time because you are giving him the perfect content which he/she is searching for and this is a very important step you have to take if you want to Generate Traffic to your website.

Optimize Your Website For Search Engines


Search Engines are and will be the major way to get traffic for your website. So that’s the reason you have to optimize your website for search engines to make your site rank up in the search engine for your targeted keywords. Search Engine Optimization is the most powerful way of increasing traffic to your site. All you have to do is give some time and work hard for it. You need to give a lot of effort for it to bring your website up in ranking. Search Engine Optimization is not very difficult to do and if you are not familiar with it you can read about SEO and learn how to increase website traffic 2017.

Generating Traffic With Social Book Marking Websites



Social Bookmarking websites is also a good way for generating traffic to your website. Especially the best social bookmarking website like Reddit, Stumbleupon, Pinterest, Twitter are very powerful for your website traffic. You may not know but if your work hard and invest some great effort on social bookmarking websites you will see your traffic will boost up and you can’t even imagine how much traffic you can get from Social Bookmarking Websites. I will strongly recommend you to work on social bookmarking as they play a very important role for your website traffic to get increased.

Guest Blogging


There are a lot of websites that will allow you to write articles for their sites and in exchange, your site backlink will be placed on their site. This is also the very best method for generating traffic to your site. You may have seen in many articles you see on the end of the post its written “Guest Post by Author Name” and there is full detail given with a backlink for their website. So this is how they generate traffic for the website.

Participating In Forums


Participating in Online Forums is also another great way to generate traffic for your blog and website. You can join any forum that is related to your website category. If you are creating a weight loss Blog so you should participate in a weight loss forum. Join as many forums as you want but in a relevant category. You can use forums to create a community. You can ask questions, you can give answers, and a lot more activities you can do in an online forum. So placing your links in forums will also be a great way of getting traffic from Forums.

Get Linked


This is a very important and great way for generating website traffic. This is a way in which you have to exchange or trade links with other websites. It means that you have to give your website link to another website owner to place your link on his website so in return you will place his website link on your website. And remember don’t place links to any low-quality website on your site because it can threaten the credibility of your website. Only link to those sites which are high-quality websites and which can really help you increase traffic.

Blog Commenting


Commenting on other websites is also a great source to generate traffic to your site. But you should be careful because the site on which you should be commenting must be related to your website niche. Mostly all the websites moderate comments to first check the comments their self and then approve to show on their site. So you should be respectful and provide some content in comment. Your comment should not be a one or two line comment but it should be more than that. So blog commenting is a great way for generating traffic for your blog and website.



Youtube is the second biggest search engine and is one of the best ways to generate traffic from youtube. Youtube is a free online source from which everyone can easily take the advantage and get some backlinks and traffic. You might not know that youtube is very powerful for increasing traffic. So I will also recommend Youtube and you should give it a try.

Use Social Media


Social Media is a very well known way of driving website traffic. Interact with other people on social media. The more you interact with other users the higher you will receive traffic. Try to spend 20 to 30 minutes per day on social media to grow your network. You also must start and join groups to grow your community. So I will also strongly recommend you to use social media so that you can generate traffic to website from Social Media.

Email Signature

All your emails should be having a signature and on the signature your website link should be showed so this is also a great way to get noticed by users. You can also include your URL in signatures which are used in forums etc. Forums also receive millions of users per day so if you are a popular and well known user this method will work for you.

You are Done, Last Words

So I hope you have followed all the above steps mentioned by me and I surely guarantee you these are the best and most used steps to Generate Traffic to your website 2017 that are used by every Blogger. And remember one thing you should keep patience you can’t get traffic In a day or 2, 3 days. It takes some time to build traffic and you have to wait for it because search engines need some time to index all your content and in the main time continue posting new content regularly and once you start receiving visitors you will not able to count them how much they are J.

I hope you like my article on How to generate traffic for your website free. If you have any questions or suggestions please comment below and also don’t forget to share our content on social media just to show your love for us.

How To Create and Submit Sitemap for Blogspot Blog

In today’s tutorial, I will show you how to Create and Submit a Sitemap for Blogger or Blogspot blog. Creating a sitemap for Blogger is not that difficult you just need to follow the below guide and go step by step with my given method and you can learn to create a sitemap for blogger and you will also learn to submit a sitemap for blogger or Blogspot.


What is a Sitemap?

A sitemap is a total list of your post which is organized like a table. It is the directory of existing posts on your blog or website. A sitemap is used to help search engines like Google and Bing to crawl and index your website. A sitemap is very important for your website because whenever you create a fresh post it will crawl and index your site. Many Blogger users have trouble making a sitemap so that’s the reason I created this post so I may help you out about How to create and submit a Blogger Sitemap.

There is also a Blogger Default XML Sitemap but the reason we will not select that option is that the Default Blogger XML Sitemap only shows the recent blog posts. It only shows 26 of your posts in the sitemap. So that was the reason we will not go along with this option. We will try the new and best method so your Blogger Sitemap will work great and you can easily create a blogger sitemap.

How to Create A Sitemap

Now let us come to the main point which is Blogger Sitemap. Simply add the below code into your Google Webmasters sitemap URL.

NOTE: Change the URL with your blog URL

Default Blogger URL Sitemap

Custom Blogger URL Sitemap

If the sitemap file is single then it should not exceed then 50MB and that is the reason we have limited it to 500 max results.

Have More Than 500 Posts? Do This:

If you have more than 500 posts in your Blogspot blog you can use the below code as it will index the rest of the posts which are above 500.


You can also read: Must Do SEO Tips For Any Blog To Rank Higher In Google 2021

Add Blogger Sitemap To Roborts.txt

User-agent: *

Disallow: /search

Allow: /


This is a code for roborts.txt which can be found in Blogger blog settings. Goto Blogger > Dashboard of your site > Setting > Search Preferences and click the button which says edit on the roborts.txt. This is very important and good for your site because this code allows the search engines to index your website it and it will appear in good search results. So this is how you can submit a sitemap to a blogger blog.

Submit a Blogger Sitemap to Google Webmaster

So now as you have created a sitemap for your blogger blog. Now go to Google Webmasters and Add your website or blog may be your blogger blog is automatically added to the Google Webmasters but I will recommend you to do it manually.

  • The next step you have to take is to click on your website.
  • Now you will see a menu on the left side of your screen.
  • Click on “Crawl” and then it will scroll to another menu right below it.
  • Now in that menu, you will see Sitemap, Click it.
  • Then you will see another screen see on the top right of your screen you will see a button named “Add/Test Sitemap” click on it.
  • Now right before your URL paste the below code


  • Now you have to click submit sitemap.
  • A sitemap will be created successfully!

Important Note:

If you have more than 500 posts on your blogger blog then let me show you how are you going to put them in your Robot.txt.

You don’t have to replace the more than 500 posts code on the previous code, you only have to paste the more than 500 posts code below the previous one as shown below.

User-agent: *

Disallow: /search

Allow: /



So I hope you have come to know now that how you can create a sitemap for a blogger blog and how to submit a sitemap to a blogger or Blogspot. It is very easy just to change with your domain name, and that’s it your done. Well if you have further questions about this post you can ask as below in the comments and spread the article on social networks if you got helped from it.

Free Stock Photos: Top 10 Sites To Get Free Images For Your Website

Getting Free Stock photos for a website is not so difficult these days there are a lot of websites that provide free stock photos to use for your website. Images and photos are one of the most important parts of your website. Images are used to attract your website visitors. The text in your site is also a very important part of your posts as the search engines read it and thus headings, keywords, links, and originality are also so important.

Free Stock Photos

A website needs attraction and it can be done by Images and photos as it plays a major role to bring visitors to your website. Images make your posts beautiful, colorful, and attractive. If you search any article or any post on the internet you will see that mostly all of them would be having beautiful and related images to their posts on their websites. It also plays a vital role to increase your website visitors.

You must have seen the Google Images search engine where most people search for images. Your images may appear there and you can also Generate website traffic from images.

There are three types of Images

Public Domain Images

These images are free to use and you can use them as you want. You can get public domain images free from a lot of resources online. Photos that are downloaded by you from a government website or public site are known as Public Domain Images.

Right Protected Images

These are the images that are brought for a certain time period for a certain project. The Images negotiated beforehand with the photographer. These Images are right protected and you can’t use them until you ask for permission from the owner of that Image. So we suggest you stay away from Right protected images if you don’t have permission to share them on your website.

Royalty Free Images

Royalty Free Images are also bought or purchased. But once you have purchased it, then you can do whatever you want with it. Other sites can also buy the same image.

There are several websites from where you can get free images and stock photos, and some of the most popular sites which are used for sharing free images are listed below.


Flickr is the most popular website for free photos which lets you share, sort, search your Images. There are a lot of photos available on Flickr and you can use any one of them as all of them are free to use and you can do whatever you want to do with it. But you should also read the terms because they have some terms and conditions for the Photos you download from there.


FreePhotosBank is another free stock Photos website from where you can get unlimited free pictures for your website. This is a great site for free Images and you can also see the popular and most rated photos on its homepage.


FreeMediaGoo is also one of the best sites which provides you with unique royalty free Images. FreeMediaGoo also provides you Textures and digital backgrounds for free. You can use these free photos for commercial and private use.


Freeimages is also a great source to get free Photos and they provide you with high quality pictures. They have more than 350,000 images present on their website. All the latest uploaded high quality free images are present on the homepage and you can also search for what kind of photo you want and it’s all for free.


PicSearch is an Image search engine that automatically searches for different images around the web and indexes them. You can find several Images from here for your website. Picsearch has more than 3,000,000,000 free pictures present on the website.


BigFoto is also a popular free Image sharing website that provides you with free Images and they have many Images on their website and you can search for any category of Image in Bigfoto. You can use the images as you want for personal or commercial purposes. For more details, you can see its copyright and use its free stock photo.


You can download premium and free stock photos on FreeDigitalPhotos. They have a long list of different free Photos that you can use in commercial use or private rules as per their terms and conditions. Be sure that you are strictly not allowed to sell or claim these photos as your own. You can search for several Images on Free Digital Photos.


Pixabay is a website containing more than 1.1 Million beautiful free images and is one of the best sites that provide free stock photos online. We also sometimes use pixabay if we need any photos for our website and it works great for us.


Lifeofpix is a place to get free high resolution photography for your website. The best thing about Lifeofpix is that it provides high definition photos and images. There are different kinds of images available and you can choose your favorite free images download.


Pexels provides you free stock photos that you can use everywhere. It’s free for commercial use and no need for attribution required. This may be your best choice to get free images for your website and millions of users love to use Pexels free images.


So above were some top 10 websites for free stock photos and free stock images which you can use in your websites and attract visitors. There is a huge list of websites like royalty free images and public domain images. If you know of any other Free Image sharing sites that we missed please comment below and we will surely include them in our list or if you have any questions related to the free stock photos please ask in the comments and we will love to answer you.

8 Perfect Ways to Increase Blog Subscribers Fast In Less Time


Gaining subscribers are as important as winning visitors. A large number of Internet users prefer to be subscribed to their choice blog instead of occasionally visiting if there are quality and fresh content available. Every Blogger wants to have more feed subscribers so if you are looking to grow your email subscription list here are some recommendations about how to increase blog subscribers fast in less time.

blog subscribers

How to Increase Blog Subscribers in Less Time

Write Original Content

This is an important factor to increase blog feed subscribers. Nowadays, millions of websites offer different information but a large percentage of sites are of duplicate content. They only copy content from different websites and blogs and publish it on their website. So why would anyone subscribe to your blog? If your content is duplicated. They will do so only if your information is new, useful, and original in your own style.

Put a Visible Link to your Feed

If you have original content, then it is important to put a visible feed link in your blog. This is one of the most effective ways to get readers. Placing the link on the top of your blog subscription link is quite visible and easy to recognize. You will see that soon it will increase the number of subscribers
To put the feed subscription link with an image only paste the below code in an HTML / Javascript.

<a href=""> <img src = "URL icon" border = "0" /> </a>

Offer Different Ways to Subscribe

This is another important technique to increase your blog subscribers. Not all readers use the same way to read feeds so you can offer several methods to subscribe as Feedburner email subscription, iGoogle subscription or some other you know.

Offer the Subscription by Category

The subscription by category is perfect for blogs that include many different topics. A reader may not want to subscribe to your blog if you have a topic that doesn’t matter to him but if you have subscribed categories then you have more chance that readers will subscribe to at least one category which they are interested in.

Add a Button Below Every Post

Similarly, You can put a link to subscribe in the best visible part of the blog. You can also put one a little more discreet below every post. If a user enjoys a post of your blog and find a subscription button or box right below your blog post then he may want to read more and they will subscribe to your blog.

Be careful with the Number of Subscribers you Show

FeedBurner or some other gadget that may display the number of subscribers who have subscribed to your blog will also matter and is a double-edged weapon. Do not put it if your number of subscribers is low because it will give the impression that no one wants to subscribe to your blog and will be little encouraged to the others. But if you have a large number, then you can proudly display it on your blog that will give them a good impression and readers will have confidence when they subscribe to your blog.

Explains what is RSS feed?

Many readers do not subscribe because they simply don’t know what is feed? And how it works Write a post or a page and explain the advantages of feed subscription. This is an additional good way to promote your blog’s feed

Be Consistent with your Posts

When someone subscribes to a blog it means they want more from your blog. Your readers expect your blog to read new posts from your blog. If they don’t receive any new posts then the readers usually unsubscribe from your feeds. Therefore try to be consistent and update your blog frequently. This way the more posts you publish the more website traffic you will receive and you will see your subscriptions grow.


These were some simple steps and the Top 8 Ways to Increase Subscribers Fast. Now you need to focus on your blog content and create new and unique content which your readers should like and as you publish new and amazing stuff the subscription box will increase with new subscribers.

Social Bookmarking Sites: 100+ Free High PR DoFollow Sites 2021

Are you searching for the list of high PR social bookmarking sites with DoFollow backlinks? If yes then you came to the right place. As in this post, we will show you 100% working latest high authority bookmarking sites 2021 which will generate backlinks for you and also help you to improve your website ranking.

Social Bookmarking sites do not only generate backlinks for you but also improves your search engine ranking, Alexa ranking, and also generate traffic to your website.

What Are Social Bookmarking Sites?

Social Bookmarking websites are those where users share their posts, articles, web pages, videos, and images. These sites will give you a lot of advantages and by submitting your content on these websites people will get aware of your content.
The more people see your content the more it will go viral.

Advantages of Social Bookmarking

Social Bookmarking sites can produce a lot of link juice and some bookmarking sites are NoFollow attributed but don’t worry and don’t fool yourself about that as search engines are looking farther for all the incoming links from bookmarking sites to indicate its value to search index.
  • If you have a new website and want to create backlinks for it then social bookmarking is the best option as it will generate quality traffic to your website.
  • Popular search engines like Google also show results from social bookmarking sites and if you have your content submitted then there are very high chances for your site to rank high in search results.
  • The metadata submitted by the users like Title, Description, Tags, and Categories are very valuable for the search engines.
  • Search engines can also collect the information from bookmarking sites about the votes people gave to your site and how people really feel about the quality of your website.

It is very amazing and can give a lot of benefits to your website.

List of High PR Social Bookmarking Sites 2021

DOFOLLOW Social Bookmarking Sites Page Rank 10 9 9 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2

Note: All the sites and their rankings have been checked manually one by one and are 100% working. Some sites may be nofollow or become nofollow but the links you get to your sites are very beneficial.

Any Suggestions?

If you have tried any other social bookmarking sites which are working perfectly for you to generate backlinks for your website then please mention them in the comments below.

Your suggestions are valuable and we may add them to our list in future updates for social bookmarking sites and directory submission sites.


So as mentioned above Social bookmarking will improve your website traffic as well as your search rankings. Try to spread your posts as much as you can on social media sites so that your website will rank higher in popular search engines like Google and Bing.
If you liked this post then do share it and leave your precious feedback.

11 Pro Techniques: How to Promote Affiliate Products Online

Are you looking for some best techniques to promote affiliate products online? If yes then this guide will help you through in the journey of Affiliate marketing and promoting affiliate products. I have explained 11 proven techniques which can lead you for generating some more sales from affiliated programs.


What is Affiliate Marketing?

If you are a beginner first you should know about affiliate marketing. In Affiliate Marketing you have to promote products of different websites and companies and when someone buy that product from your referred link or banner then you get commission on that. For example if you want to sell a product worth $100 and the commission on that product is 60% then if someone buys that product through your affiliated link then you get paid $60 commission simple is that.

Well today I will show you where you can promote the affiliate marketing products and generate a lot of sales and commissions. There are several ways you can promote products online but I will explain most of them and I hope that it will help you a lot.

Where to Promote Affiliate Products Online

There are several ways for promoting affiliate products online. So in today’s post i have planned to show you the most important and major ways to promote your affiliated product.

You need to keep in mind that while promoting a product, look for a related niche which must be related to your affiliate product. For example if you are promoting a product about Web Hosting Services then you should find a related website or topic for Web Hosting to share your product on it.

Social Networks


Promoting your Affiliate products on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest is a most common way which is being used by almost all the Affiliate Marketers. You can share your Affiliate Product through your Facebook account if you have a lot of FB friends or you can also join a group with thousand of members and share it In your FB group. Facebook pages having some good amount of likes can also work for you.

If you have twitter account with good amount of active followers then twitter will be one of the best way to promote your products online. While posting your affiliate links try to describe your product in a line or two to make users interest in your product.

Similarly there are many other social networks like Pinterest, LinkedIn, Google+ and much more…

Online Forums


Forums are the online discussion websites where people engage with each other and hold conversations like posted messages. These are different kind of conversations then of chat and text messages which are of one line. These are kind of long posted messages which holds the conversation between users.

Online Forum is a kind of great technique to promote affiliated product and grow your sales. The first thing you need to do is search for some top popular Forum websites to sign up with.

  1. Worrior Forum
  2. SitePoint
  3. DigitalPoint

Now you need to look for a related topic and conversation which relates to your product. For example, if you are promoting a weight loss product then you need to search some posts about weight loss.

Promote Affiliate Products on your Website or Blog


If you own a website or a blog with Good Website Traffic then it will be a great way to promote your affiliate product on your website.

Now the question arise how to promote affiliate marketing on my website?

It is simple, you can promote products on your website with a lot of ways. You can add a HTML banner of the affiliated link you want to promote and you can easily get the HTML code from your affiliated partner company.

You may offer promos, coupons or loyalty rewards to your users because everyone knows the importance of discounts on products so they will not let this chance go away and I’m sure you will generate some good sales through this. Keep your customers happy so they may also promote your products.

Use Search Engine Optimization


It is also known as SEO which is a proven technique to promote affiliate products. It is basically used to appear the visibility of your website in search engines like Google and Bing.

This may take some of your time because this technique is not  that quick which will start you right away but if you invest some time in it you will definetly get the benefits of it in the future if you use white hat SEO methods (clean methods) to rank your website in search engines.

Once you get it right, Search engine optimization will let you enjoy the benefits of this technique for a very long time and if you keep maintaining your SEO the right way then it won’t stop forever.

Having a Tools Page

If you really are into Affiliate Marketing then you must try having a tools page on your blog in which you can show your readers which tools you used to make your blog successful.

If your readers like your blog and if they trust you they will try the same products which you use for making your blog successful and in this way you can promote your affiliate product to grow your sales.

Create Helpful Videos for Products


If you think that you are good on camera then it will be a great chance for you to promote your product more. Creating videos like tutorials, product reviews or how to use a product will be a great idea to grow your affiliate sales.

Create a short video not too long and try to be very descriptive in the video. Guide your customers in a friendly and understandable way so they may get what they want.

You can share your video on Youtube as its the largest hub for videos on the internet and you will increase your sales as well as you can also monetize your videos with Google Adsense and make money with one of the best advertising networks online.



Blogging is a basic way to promote a product. In your blog you can be descriptive as long as you want about your product and give your users the full guide on your product. Tell them whats the product about and how they can use it to make the full use of it.

You can create a tutorial post on a product or you may give a review about a product, The choice is yours. If you don’t have a blog then we will suggest you to guest blog on some of the popular blogs online.

You can get great benefits from blogging because as these days you can make anything happen by doing blogging as it is a great way to promote your product.

Give Personal Opinion


Personal opinions by a person who personally used the product can be more helpful for the users to trust you.

If you have tried a product personally then it will be a great idea to promote that product because it will be easy for you promote.

As you will be having full knowledge about that product so you can easily convince your users to purchase it because you have personally tried it and it really worked for you.

Advertise Your Affiliate Products


Advertising your product will be the most easiest way to promote your affiliate product because you don’t have to do all the hard work for promoting. You just need to create a good title and describe your product in a short way or you may create a ad banner for your product advertisements.

Advertising on social networks like Facebook is a good way for generating affiliate sales because your product reaches to your targeted audience. You can also try to advertise your product on the Best Advertising Networks of 2021.

The benefit of advertising is that you you yourself choose everything about your ad.  For example,  which country or location the ads should appear to the users, you can choose whom to show the ads, choose to display ad for males, females or both and much more.

Weekly or Monthly Email to your Subscribers


If you are having good amount of subscribers then You can use your Email for sending weekly or monthly emails and offer your subscribers with your product in discount. This may be a good idea which will work for you if you do it the right way.

Send your products in email newsletters to your subscribers with a good description in it so users may take interest in visiting and purchasing your product.

Just be nice and clean so you will avoid spamming because it will disturb users and nothing will work this way. So to be nice and clean just give a great title to your product with a quick short description which describes your product perfectly and put your affiliate link in a decent manner so it should not look like spam.

Questions & Answers Sites Like (Yahoo Answers, Quora)


Websites where questions are answered is also a good technique to use for promoting affiliate product. This is where a lot of people also discuss about different products  and are waiting for the answers from users who personally used the product.

Promoting your Affiliate Marketing Products on sites like Yahoo Answers or Quora is also one of the finest way to get some sales.

Don’t do anything in a hurry. First build some trust and engage in your favorite topics and help the users with your best answers.

Now you can search or create a topic related to your affiliate product and start engaging with users. This will be really helpful for generating some sales.

Do you Have any Special Technique?

If you have deep interest in Affiliate Marketing and have different ways for promoting affiliate products then you may share with us. If you think you have any special technique which is not listed above then we will love to hear from you and will surely add it to this post.


So these were my top listed techniques to promote affiliate products online. This process is not very easy but if you work hard and give some time then you will definitely make money with Affiliate Marketing.

If you enjoyed this post on how to promote affiliate products online then please share it and if you have any questions you can ask me in the comments below.

6 Must Do SEO Tips For Any Blog To Rank Higher In Google 2021


Well creating a blog and publishing articles is not a big deal, everyone can do that but when it comes to rank blog post first page of google and driving free organic traffic, then it becomes a major problem that every newbie blogger face. So, only writing content and not getting any traffic and users to interact with your epic blog post is surely not going to help you keep moving ahead with your blog.

That’s why you must have some good SEO knowledge to Search Engine Optimize your blog and apply optimization techniques to rank your blog post on the first page of google. So keeping the importance of traffic on blog progress, today I’ll be sharing with you 6 must-do killer SEO Tactics/Guides on how to rank your blog post higher in search engines that will surely work.

SEO Tips For Any Blog To Rank High In Google

Well before starting this article let me inform you that to get a high rank on Google, don’t only focus on SEO but that also give priority to the quality of contents for long lasting free organic traffic from search engines. You might know in blogging Content Is King and SEO is the Queen.

6 Killer SEO Guides To Rank My Blogger Post On First Page Of Google

OK below are some killer and effective ways that we are using on ProTechBlogger to rank our blogger blog post in search. Take each point very carefully and of course smartly too. So let’s see how this thing works.

Writing Unique Content

unique content

As I’ve already told you that content plays a very important role to rank your blog post in search results, so you must try to write very unique and original content with proper planning. You should focus on the proper use of keywords and systematic writing skills. Try to be smart and unique. Write content that will force everyone to read it twice. Only then you can rank your blog post on the first page in search engines.

Wanna know how to write unique and SEO friendly content, stay tuned on ProTechBlogger as we’ll be posting all SEO guides in the upcoming weeks that you can subscribe to us to get informed.

Creating Hight PR Do Follow Backlinks

high pr backlinks

Everyone knows Backlinks are also very important for ranking your blog and its contents. The page with good Do Follow Backlinks is sure to be ranked higher compared to that with lesser backlinks. So, try to increase your blog backlinks only then it can work for you for ranking your blog higher in search engines.

But the latest Google Panda update focuses to rank a site on the basis of high quality content but still in some way do follow backlinks are the backbones for any site. There are also a lot more factors now which can help you in ranking your blog which includes your blog page speed, Mobile Friendliness, and HTTPS for your blog.

Proper Use of Keywords

Yeah, keywords are another factor that determines the page ranking on google. The post with the proper use of keywords will surely help you get good search engine rankings. Try to keep your targeting keywords density low but be sure not to do Keyword Stuffing as it is negative SEO and badly hampers your blog rank.

Put your main keywords on Post title, about two or three on the first paragraph (Long tail keywords), three or four on body content but it can be more too, and about two at end of the post.

Doing such will also make your content easy for Google to be indexed.

I highly recommend you all to learn about keyword research for the proper use and implementation of Keywords. Always use long tail keywords and try not to run behind targeting generic keywords with high search volume because you’ll hardly be able to outperform the first page results.

Long tail keywords account for around 70% of search engine traffic compared to generic keywords. If you’re completely new to it then don’t worry, we’ll explain in upcoming articles.

Customization With Blogger Dashboard


Well if you are a newbie then you are sure to be on the blogger dashboard. Blogger is not as SEO friendly as WordPress. So you need to apply some SEO tips to rank your blog and its posts on the first page of google which includes Blog Description, Blogger Sitemap, and setting up Robots.txt and custom robot header tags. Apply below mentioned steps and I’m sure your blog will also get a high rank on google’s first page.

A blog is said to be properly managed if it has got good description with some keywords. Write your blog description in such a way that it will shine about your content and blog. Always write sweet and short with your blog related description. Well, take an example of how to choose a blog description to rank your blog on the first page of google.

"ProTechBlogger is an information resource site for Entrepreneurs and bloggers where you can explore about blogging related topics like Blogging, SEO, Make Money, Social Media and Marketing."

To add your Blog Description, Go To Blogger DashBoard > Settings > Basics > Description. Just add there your blog SEO friendly description to get a good and high google search rank.

You also need to edit your custom Robots.txt and header tags to get the first rank of your blog post on google. Check the below image and do the same as mentioned on your settings too.

Before that to get custom robot.txt and header tags, go to Blogger Dashboard > Settings > Search Preferences > Crawlers and indexing.

Editing Custom robots.txt 

User-agent: Mediapartners-Google
User-agent: *
Disallow: /search/
Disallow: /search?
Disallow: /search?q=*
Disallow: /*?updated-max=*
Disallow: /p/about.html
Disallow: /p/privacy.html
Allow: /

Just replace with your website URL.

Editing Customs Robot Header Tags

custom robot header tags blogger

Checkmark all the same as done in the image above which will be very beneficial for your blog SEO.

Meta tags also play an important role in ranking your blog. As I already mentioned, add meta tags friendly with your blog and its content. Doing so will surely help you get a good position on the google page.

To Add Meta Tags, go to Blogger Dashboard > Settings > Search Preferences > Meta Tags.

Create a custom 404 error page so your users can find it easy to explore your webpage. It is not related to ranking but just as it comes to customizing the blogger dashboard I wanna let you know about this too. Here I’ll provide a stylish and pro-looking 404 custom error page and perhaps it will help to build your interaction with your users.

Go to Blogger Dashboard > Settings > Search Preferences > Errors and Redirections > Custom Page Not Found and there paste below Html code.

Note: If you need a professional Error 404 Page for your blogger blog, kindly check this article on How to Setup Custom 404 Error Page.

<div class='error-custom'>
<h2>404 Not Found</h2>
<p class='error-body'>We&#39;re sorry but we could not find the page you are looking for.<br/>
This may happen if you have entered site url incorrectly or this page doesn&#39;t exist anymore.</p>
<p>You can try searching page again or go back to home</p>
<form action='/search' id='searchform' method='get'>
<input id='s' name='q' onblur='if (this.value == &quot;&quot;) {this.value = &quot;Search...&quot;;}' onfocus='if (this.value == &quot;Search...&quot;) {this.value = &quot;&quot;;}' type='text' value='Search...'/>
<input id='searchsubmit' type='submit' value='Go'/>

Submitting Blog and Its Content To Google

This is another way you can use to force Google to index your new blog and its post. I’ve also submitted my blog homepage and the post I’ve written on Google and yeah it helped me a lot to get a good rank i.e on google first page rank. Well, follow the below steps to submit your blog and its post on google so that you can get better rankings of your blog on Google.

  • Visit This Site.
  • Click on Participate Option Of Website Owner.
  • After that Go to Add your URL under the Web option.
  • Just submit the blog link and its content one by one and write a captcha.
  • Finally, Press on Submit Request button, and it’s done.

Now your blog article will be indexed on google automatically. To see proof just copy your blog or its content URL you submitted and search that on google. You’ll be able to see the blog and its content you submitted on the google page.

Shout About Your Blog and Ask For Comments

Why not? You should use social media platforms to announce the establishment of your new blog and what content you’ve written. I mainly use Google plus to promote it and of course Facebook and Twitter too. I submitted my web page URLs to my blogger friends of the same niche and asked them to have a look and tell them to comment if they like my post. So this is a great idea to get some comments which can surely inspire me.

ask for comments

Getting Comments on your blog post also helps to rank on the first page of google. Yeah, you’ve heard it right. The content and blog post with a high number of comments is shown first as it is supposed to be relevant content. But don’t try to comment yourself with different names and addresses as google is not as stupid you think it is. Try to be friendly with your users and always feel happy and proud to announce your blog post to your friends and Social Networks.


Well, we’ve mentioned some of my steps I’ve used 6 must do SEO guides to rank blog post on first page of google and I hope you enjoyed a lot. If you’ve got any other new idea regarding ranking blog post on the first page of google then kindly mail us using the contact us tab and we’ll add the above with proper credits.

Respect our work and help us to be encouraged by leaving comments and sharing this article on social media. Let’s interact and make a new connection to rank this article on the first page of google. 🙂

Google Adsense Disapproved Due To Copyrighted Content? Easy Solution 2021


Google Adsense is the best ad network on the Internet and its a dream for every newbie Blogger to make money with Google Adsense. Now a days its very difficult to get an approved Google Adsense Account. It is very tough to get approved by Google Adsense because it have very strict terms and conditions.


Every website that is submitted to google adsense is reviewed by experts not by a machine so they check if your website is meeting their terms and criteria then they will approve your request. If it does not meet the Terms And Conditions and website criteria of Google Adsense program then they will reject your application.

Some reasons why your account is not approved.

  1. Your site may not have enough content
  2. Your site may have unvalued content
  3. Your site may have copyrighted content
  4. The Most main reason for disapproval of Google Adsense Account is due to copyrighted material

What is Copyrighted Content or Copy righted Material?

Copyrighted Content means all the material like your site content, images, videos that are copied from another site or if you copy someone else content is called copyrighted content.
For example, if you copy a whole article including images and paste that same article in your website it will be copied and it will be called copyrighted content.
Google Adsense is very strict about the copyrighted content and there is no chance for any website to get approved that contains copyrighted content.

How To Solve The Problem Of Copyrighted Content And Get Approved By Google Adsense?

First of all keep this in your mind that if you really want to make money with Google Adsense then you have to create/write your own unique content. All the content should be written or created by you yourself.
Now you will be thinking what about the images?
Well that is not a problem if you cannot or don’t want to create your own images then there are a lot of sites that gives you Free Images and Free Stock Photos that are not copyrighted.
Now let us talk about videos, you also don’t have to upload videos on your site you can get free videos by Embedding videos from free websites like Youtube, Dailymotion, Vimeo or Metacafe. If you want to create a tutorial of your course or any learning you can get a free screen recording software and start making your own videos.
Well my point is that make your own content so you can get an approved and verified Google Adsense Account. I want to repeat it again that there is no chance to get a Google Adsense Account with copyrighted content. So you should create your own and unique content.
It means you should create some great articles and posts that are valuable and useful for your visitors. If there will be no valuable or useful content in your website no one will love to visit your site.
If you have unique and good content then users will love to visit and stay on your website which will decrease your bounce rate and it will be a good sign for your website.
If users love your website it means Adsense also loves it and they will approve your site.

Now Check Your Site For The Last Time And Resubmit Your Site For Google Adsense:

Check the design of your blog if your blog is ads friendly if its not then get an adsense friendly template.
Check if you have added a Privacy Policy page as it is important for you to add if you want to get accepted.
Check if all the copyrighted content has been removed then confirm it by checking once again.
Read the terms and conditions and policies of Google Adsense program for the last time.

Now Resubmit

I hope you get approved by Google Adsense and Happy Blogging. If you have anything to say or have any problem please comment below and i will love to help you through. If you enjoyed the article please share it.

How to Get Google Adsense Approval Fast | Quick Adsense Approval in 2021

Google Adsense is a very popular and well known Advertising Network online which is a company of Google. Well, every Blogger and Website owner wants a Google Adsense Account. They want to show Google Ads on their website because Google Adsense is one of the Best Advertising Networks on the internet. Now below in this article, I will give you some best tips for how to get Google Adsense Approval fast.
This will take time so you need to have patience, No need to hurry and the most important thing I want to tell you is that don’t purchase Google Adsense account from any one because they get that account with fraud and that account is banned as soon as Google finds about it so please don’t waste your money and continue with this post to know how to get Google Adsense approval fast. Get your own legit Adsense Account approved just by performing Below simple steps and I guarantee you that Adsense will approve your website if you have quality content. You just have to work hard and do work with patience.

Create Unique Content


If you have started a Blog, Start posting unique content on it regularly. Unique means fresh content which is written by you and should be understandable and user friendly.

Don’t ever copy content from another website because Google Adsense doesn’t accept Copyrighted content. So be careful and write good and unique content for Adsense approval.

Create More and More Relevant Content


Choose a niche and start posting unique content and don’t stop. Create as much content as you can because the traffic (visitors) comes to your website to read your content. If you don’t have content, no one will visit your site so you have to create a lot of content as much as you can.

In starting I will recommend you to write 2 articles per day and post them into your blog. So if you write 2 articles per day then in 1 month you will have 60 articles published. That’s pretty cool, isn’t it. So the chances for Google Adsense approval will increase.

Submit Your Website to Search Engines


Submitting your blog or website to search engines is very important. But first, you need to have some content on your site. After creating some posts it is important to submit your website to search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.

They will index your website and when someone searches for something that is relevant to your website they will see your website in Google search and that’s how you get visitors from search engines.

Get on with Google Analytics and Google Webmasters


Google Analytics and Google Webmasters is also by Google. Google Analytic is used to track your website visitors and you can see which country the visitors are coming from and you can also see which post of your site is getting much traffic etc.

Google webmasters is also an important thing for your website. You need to verify your website first to get your site on Google Webmasters. After verifying your site I will recommend you to create a sitemap for your website because sitemap is very important for your website and it is used for search engines to look out how many posts are there in your website and it may also be used by users.

Pages You Need To Create For Your Website

There are some important pages you need to create for your Website before applying for Google Adsense because without these pages your Adsense will never get approved because Google always checks these pages before approving Adsense on your website. Below are the pages you need to create for your website in order to get your Google Adsense approval fast.

  • About page
  • Privacy Policy
  • Contact Us
  • Terms and Conditions (if your websites require)
  • Disclaimer (If your website requires)

Optimize Your Website By Doing SEO


SEO means search engine optimization which mostly newbie bloggers don’t know. It is very important for your website because by doing SEO for your website you get a high ranking in Search Engines. And when you get a high ranking on Google search page you will generate massive traffic to your website and if you have high traffic Google Adsense will approve your website because you have more and quality traffic.

Well, it isn’t that easy to optimize your website by performing Search Engine Optimization but SEO is very important and you should perform SEO for your Website.

Check If You Are Going Good

Now you will have to check your site, is it going good, is it receiving enough traffic is your content unique. Keep checking your website everyday so you may know how your website is going on.

Wait For At least 6 Months and During It Create Traffic For Your Site

Wait! It is not very important that you have to wait for 6 months. As noted Google Adsense does not accept very new websites because they don’t meet their requirements but if you believe that you have created a quality and unique content website then you may get approved within weeks. I have heard people getting adsense approved in a week. It is possible and it’s all upon you.

As your website is started online and you are creating good content for it then you have to check everything every day and you should be having good Website Traffic to get Google Adsense Approved. Go to related forums and spread your website. You can promote your website in many ways. So you have to make your website popular and create good and unique content for your visitors. So if they like your content they may come back to check for another one.

As we said before it is not important to wait at least 6 months, you can also apply after 1 month but the point is that you should have quality content and website traffic. In Google’s eye If you are from Asia than you would have to wait for 6 months because Google Adsense doesn’t approve Asian websites which are not older than 6 months but it is not true, you can get Adsense Approved if you just have quality content and website traffic. Well keep working hard and as I said keep patience and in the end, you will see the result.

Once All The Above Steps Are Completed Apply For Google Adsense

If you have finished all the above steps now check your website for the last time. There may be something left that should be corrected, if not then it’s great and if there is any problem with your website then fix that first. And read the terms and conditions of Google Adsense.

Now you are ready to Apply for Google Adsense. After applying you have to wait for some days so the Google team will review and check your site and if all the above steps and completed I guarantee you they will surely approve your website.


Well, this was how you can get Google Adsense Account Approved fast with some of these special methods. You need to keep patience and work hard and if you have any kind of questions related to Adsense you can ask me in the comments below and don’t forget to share this post.

How To Perfectly Show Media.Net Ads In Blogger Blog 2021


Making money as a Blogger requires the strategic placing of relevant Ads. Being approved to show ads is the first step to making money and learning how to show the ads in the proper spot is the climax of making money. ads

Many bloggers receive little traffic and they make huge money but others don’t make money at all even when they have high website traffic. Media.Net just like AdSense ads requires proper placement of ads on the blog as we know that is one of the best advertising networks.

If you can’t do that, then you can forget about making money from Harsh Agarwal from ShoutMeLoud made $400 from in June and only $100 with AdSense. This should let you know many bloggers make more money with Yahoo Bing Ads.

Properly Show Media.Net Ads in Blogger

I am going to show the most paying spots to show ads and also the Ads that fit well into those spots. These spots and ads placement is not just a wake-up and write, even Media.Net recommend them.

Below Header

Below the header is a hot spot for ads to be placed. This is because anybody that loads a website must first come across the header and if you place ads widget just below the header, then you would get paid for impressions because Cpm ad networks work the best below the header.

The number of impressions acquired when Ads are placed below the header, is exactly the number of page views. Which means if you received 30k views in a month, then ads impression should also amount to 30k.

How to show Ads below Blogger Header

  1. Copy your Ads code from and parse it here
  2. Go to >> Themes >> Edit HTML.
  3. Using CTRL + F search for </header>.
  4. Paste the Parsed code just below </header>. and save.

At the Sidebar

The second spot for proper ads placement is the first space at the sidebar. Using the sidebar most times is not to get impressions rather to get valid clicks. Users are more prone to click on items on the sidebar and including your Bing Ads code, there is you calling for clicks.

A recommended banner size for the sidebar is 300×250 but often times people do use 300×600 and 320×280. The reason why I voted for 300×250 is that other sizes will totally cover up the sidebar and that may even make some persons not to click.

Ads in Blogger Sidebar

  1. Copy your ads code from (no need to parse)
  2. Go to >> Layout.
  3. Locate the sidebar >> Add Widget >> HTML/JavaScript.
  4. Paste the Ads code and save.

Below Post Title

Post titles attract readers. Anyone who is about to read your article must first read your post title and by doing so, the post title area becomes a  hot spot for better earnings. Placing an advert just below the post title doesn’t look spamming and neither does it mean you are cluttering your blog.

If you decide to show just 3 ads spots then below the post title should be the third spot. In mobile phones, it also brings in more clicks and impressions.

Try to make very good use of this spot. Nearly any ad size can fit into this spot. But don’t go for the big banners. A 720×90, 300×250 etc will perform well at that spot.

How to place ads code Below Post Title

  1. Go to copy your ads code and parse it.
  2. Go to >> Theme >> Edit HTML >> Search for <div class=’post-header’>
  3. Just below it, paste the parsed ads code.
  4. Save your template.

Below Post Body

Media.Net requires you to add only 3 ads units per page so if you are implementing this one too and making it 4, you are violating ads policy.

One of the advantages of this spot is that it’s for those that care about you and also love your articles. Visitors at some point click on ads just because they liked the article you wrote and placing a  relevant ad spot at the footer of your post can bring you valid clicks.

It doesn’t always bring many impressions because it is not everybody that reads the article to the ending. Many just check the heading and leave.

How to place ads in the Post Footer

  1. Go to copy your ads code and parse it.
  2. Go to >> Theme >> Edit HTML >> Search for <div class=’post-footer’>
  3. Just below it, paste the parsed ads code.
  4. Save your template.

After First Post On Homepage

We can’t forget that the homepage brings in more traffic than every other page and also we can’t ignore that at this point, we only have 2 ads units showing on the homepage. So to make the third one, we might as well show an ad after the first post on homepage.

I have seen a lot of bloggers doing this including Helplogger who have been doing it for years. It seems like it pays a lot. I have already written a post on how this is done so i will not write it again and you can check it out there.

Learn it from Here: How to Place Adsense Ads Before, Between and After the posts in Blogger Homepage

Other High Paying Ads Spot

Place Ads At the footer – good for clicks.
Ads Inside the Post – good for clicks but I think it appears spamming.
Place Ads Below comments – most persons don’t even get to see it.
Ads at the side of the header – very good spot but I think your header need to stand out.

More From Myself

When placing ads on your blog, don’t only consider making money rather consider your readers and don’t clutter your blog with so many ads. Your readers will not feel safe when seeing a lot of ad spot.

This would affect your daily views due to drop in returning visitors. I have seen big blogs showing just at most 3 ad units on their blog and they are making from it.

First try to increase your blog traffic and you can also see our previous post on Blogspot SEO which will help you bring up some more organic traffic.

It is not about quantity of ads rather it’s about the quality. Place your ads in the above-recommended spots and you will see your income growing.

Well that was all about how to properly place ads in Blogger. If you got any help from this post then don’t forget to share it and if you had any problem related to placing ads above and below blogger post then you can comment below and i will love to help you.