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Search engine optimization and why you should use it


E-commerce is a ruthless business. You need to equip yourself with the necessary technical knowledge and tools to make your website stand out. There are more and more climbing areas every day. Optimize your ranking on the website. If you lose your vigilance, you may be trampled and thrown into an abyss filled with many failed e-commerce websites.

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is a term widely used on many e-commerce websites today. In the past few years and the next ten years, search engines will become the most widely used Internet tool for finding websites to navigate. Or the products or information they need.

Most people who use search engines only use the top ten search results on the first page. Reaching the first page, especially the first three pages, is a barometer of the website’s success in search engine optimization. If it is in the high position, it is the score of the probability of being clicked. The more traffic to your website, the more your business. Every day is a new day for all e-commerce websites to rank higher in search engine optimization. It is imperative to make your website better and better every day.

So what is search engine optimization and should you use it? The answer to why you should use it is simple. You need search engine optimization to be number one or at least to generate revenue for your website.

Search engine optimization can generate a lot of traffic. Suppose you use only 10-20% of traffic to achieve successful sales results. If you have a hundred or more visits a day, then your sales are already high. If you only have 20 to 10 visits a day, you will only get one or two, if not.

So, what is search engine optimization? Search engine optimization is the use of tools and techniques to improve your website’s ranking in search results. Make sure that your website arouses public awareness of its existence, thereby generating more traffic, which can generate revenue and potential business.

Search engine optimization has a heavy workload. In order to achieve search engine optimization, you need to change or add to many aspects of your website. Collected a lot of information about popular keywords. Related to the niche or topic of your website.

You may also need to rewrite the content of your website in order to get the correct key phrases on your website without being too commercial, but simple and informative. In order to make your website content applicable and promote search engine optimization, certain rules and guidelines must be followed.

You must also cooperate with many other sites to perform link exchanges and page transfers. The increase in inbound and outbound traffic generated by websites is one of the components used by search engines to rank websites.

Look for useful help on the Internet. Tips, guidelines, and techniques for search engine optimization abound. Read a lot of articles to help optimize your website in search results. The more knowledge and information you collect, the better. All of these will help you get high ratings. This may require you to spend some time and effort, but the benefits will be overwhelming.

If you can save some money, there are many websites on the Internet that can help you optimize your search engines. There are many websites that can help track key phrases that may be helpful to your website. There are also content creators who are experienced in creating high-quality, keyword-rich content for their websites.

Act now and convince yourself of the advantages of search engine optimization. All of this will translate into increased traffic and sales for your website and business.

Top Paying Best Ad Networks For Bloggers To Earn In 2021

Are you searching for top paying best advertising networks for your websites? If yes then let me show you Top Paying Ad Networks for Bloggers in 2018. Remember before applying to these Advertising Networks you should have a decent amount of website traffic so you can generate revenue from your blog or website. I have researched and tested these ad networks before giving my list so take a look and choose the best one which can suit your website.

Best Ad Networks For Bloggers

List Of High Paying Best Advertising Networks

When you think about monetizing a website with ad networks every blogger first thinks about Google Adsense as it is the best advertising network online but sometimes it does not work for everyone and they get rejected by Adsense. So this list is also for those who are looking for Best Adsense Alternatives 2021.

Google Adsense


Google Adsense publisher network by Google is the best of all Advertising networks and you can use Adsense to monetize your website and blog and it pays you very high revenue and you can generate a lot of revenue if you have a good website and quality website traffic. Google is very strict about copyright content so when applying you should have your own unique content and a good domain like .com, .net, or org, etc. You can also apply for Google Adsense from Blogger (Blogspot) which is also by Google.



Media.Net is a contextual advertising network online which is also a great alternative to Google Adsense. It was founded in 2005 by Bhavin Turakhia, Divyank Turakhia and it is serving more than 100 million users online from Yahoo! Bing ad network. You can apply for as it is a CPC, CPM and CPA advertising network.

Adsterra Network


Adsterra Ad Network provides a range of advertising for both advertisers and publishers. Adsterra is a kind of advertising network that also provides you with a facility to make money without a website or blog isn’t it cool? You can visit and learn more about this on Adsterra. It also provides you with different ad formats which can generate more revenue from your blog.



Infolinks is a text link advertising network. You can start to make money online with blog or website just register with Infolinks as it is one of the best and most used advertising networks by bloggers. You can also use Infolinks with Google Adsense as it is a great match and you can double your earnings by having this perfect match.



Chitika is counted in my list of best ad networks of 2018. Chitika was founded in 2003 and till now with its best performance it is serving thousands of websites and millions of users online. It provides you with real time bidding and also gives you real time reporting about your ads in your publisher account panel. You can maximize your earnings with Chitika if you have good quality website traffic. It is also counted as the best ad network for small publishers.

Buy Sell Ads


Buy sell Ads is one of my favorite advertising network online because it has some great features that I love and it also provides you with a special feature that advertiser can offer you to display their ads directly from your website. It provides you with header banners, sidebar banners, and lower banners above the footer. Every banner has its own cost and your earnings are increased by Buy Sell Ads. So it is counted in my list of best ad networks for bloggers.

Ad Maven


Ad Maven has improved a lot in the past couple of years. Now Ad Maven is one of the best alternatives to Google Adsense. It provides you with a great user friendly publisher platform and you can start right away after creating your account. Ad Maven provides you with a variety of ad formats from which you can increase your daily income and one of the best features they have is that Ad Maven has a solution for the Ad blocks so almost 100% of users can see your ads and you can increase more revenue from Ad Maven advertising network.

Ad Buff


One of the top Adsense alternatives is the AdBuff advertising network which is paying very high rates for CPC and CPM. AdBuff brings the strongest features for its publishers with real-time dashboards, 100% fill rates, account manager for each account, a wide range of payment options, and much more.

Revenue Hits


Revenue Hits let you generate maximum revenue with minimum profit. Revenue Hits is used by more than 20,000 publishers worldwide. You have a wide range of ad formats to generate more revenue from your website like Display Banners, Button, Footer, Interstitial, Pop Ads, Shadow Box, Slider, Top Banner, Dialog Notifier. RevenueHits also offer flexible pricing models CPA, CPI, CPL and CPM.

Rev Content


RevContent is a content recommendation network that was founded in 2013. It is one of the fastest growing Advertising networks as they get 250 Billion content recommendations per month. Rev Content provides you a high RPM up to $40 and they have great ad formats which are perfectly used for the users on your website and they get a great experience of your site and RevContent.

Ad Blade


AdBlade is also counted in my list of top paying ad networks of 2017 and 2018. It was founded in 2008 and till now AdBlade is serving millions of users around the world. It provides you with a variety of ad formats and pays you for CPC, CPM and real time bidding.



UnderTone is a digital advertising company that was founded in 2002 by Michael Cassidy. Undertone having 15 years of experience, it has helped hundreds of the world’s biggest brands to generate the best revenue possible. It gives you some great ad formats to maximize your earnings like high impact, video, mobile and native. You should have a minimum of 250,000 monthly visits to your website in order to use an UnderTone on your website.

Vibrant Media


This is an advertising network which delivers viewable, native and advertising at scale. Vibrant Media is one of the best native ad networks and is serving millions of users online around the world. It also provides you with a wide range of ad formats that can increase your daily earnings and can be a perfect match for your website.

Epom Market


You can get started with Epom Markets ad exchange, PPC, CPM, and CPA ads. It is one of the largest and most used ad networks by advertisers and publishers around the world and epom provides you with its highest rates and great ad formats so you can generate some handsome revenue from your blogs and sites. You can monetize on desktop, mobile, in videos and in apps. I will also recommend this in the best mobile ad networks.



Haxhax is the new generation of advertising marketplace. It provides its publishers around the world with its best ad performance and best high rates. Haxhax is providing its services to thousands of customers around the world and serving ads to millions of users around the globe. You can check haxhax as it also counted in my list of Best paying advertising networks for bloggers to use in 2018.



Clicksor serves ads on over 100,000 websites online. Clicksor offers you high rates in their publishers network and has text link ads, banner ads, layer ads, full-page ads and pop-up ads from which you can earn some handsome revenue from serving clicksor advertisements. Clicksor provides you with real time reports and some extra earnings.

Propeller Ads


Propeller Ads is an advertising network that is serving its best ads to millions of users online from around the world. You can monetize your website or monetize your mobile app and you can increase your earnings with propeller ads as it gives you its best rates and has a variety of advertising formats. It also provides high eCPM rates for international traffic and has multiple payout options for its publishers to enjoy their company with Propeller Ads

Max Bounty


Max Bounty is the best affiliate ad network used by thousands of website owners. It is a CPA advertising network and if you have a blog or website you can earn some decent income from Max Bounty or if you have high quality and massive website traffic than you can earn a lot. Max Bounty is the name because they pay the highest rates available.



Exponential is a global advertising network which was previously known as Tribal Fusion. It is one of the best ad network to use in 2018 and I will recommend you that if you have good and quality traffic then you can generate great revenue from exponential. It provides you with the best rates in the market and also provides you with a wide range of advertising formats.

Yllix Meida


Yllix Media is another best advertising network for small publishers. I have also tested it a couple of times and it worked great for me. The best thing I think about Yllix is that the minimum payout is $5 and you can withdraw payment by Payza or Paypal and you may get some more payment options.


So this was my list of the best advertising networks to use in 2018 and make money online blogging so you can generate high revenue from ad networks. If I missed any advertising company please mention it in the comments below and I will add it to my list or if you have any further questions related to top paying ad networks so you can contact me and I will love to help you.

70+ Dofollow High PR Article Submission Sites List of 2021


Content marketing has become one of the most powerful components of Online Marketing. If you are looking to promote your content or articles in order to generate traffic to your website with High PR Article Submission Sites then this is the perfect place that you have landed on because in this post I have provided a top list of Article Directories to build quality backlinks to your blog and website.

What are Article Directory/Submission Sites?

An article directory is a type of website where people write articles on different subjects and these sites allow to provide personal information about an author, including a link to the author’s website. This is a famous technique for link building and draws some massive traffic to your site or blog. Simply write 800 to 1000 words of the unique article according to your site niche and put your site URL in the author box with anchor text after directory admin review your article, it will be published if your content meets their criteria.

There are infinite article submission sites on the internet but select them very wisely because most of them use nofollow attribute and some sites have very low PageRank which is not an effective Search Engine Optimization point of view for your site. So, after a long search, we have prepared below the list where we include only dofollow and high page rank article directory sites 2021 in the below list.

Advantages of Article Submission

  1. Article submission is one of the best methods to optimize your website and rank higher in search engines. It is also a great way to generate quality backlinks to your website or blog.
  2. It is also a great idea for those people who want to make their business popular as there are a lot of users surfing the internet so they will read it and know well about your business.
  3. It will help you in generating a lot of traffic if you have a quality website with unique and fresh content.

DoFollow High PR Article Submission Sites List 2021 Article submission sites

Your Suggestions are Valuable

I hope you may have liked our list of top article submission sites but there may be a lot more which may not be mentioned above. So if you have used any other and it worked great for you then must mention them in the comments.
Your suggestions are very valuable to us because all the content we create on this blog is to help all you guys to make your website better.


As I have told you before that the list of High PR Dofollow Article Submission Sites 2018 above will really help you improve your website SEO because the quality backlinks which you will generate for your site will help you rank high in search engines results.
I hope you liked this post so please don’t forget to share it and spread it out on your social profiles. Thanks!

Three of the most common causes why SEO campaigns fail


Most SEO campaigns drop level on their faces and totally fail to achieve the objectives they were set out to undertake.

SEO campaigns

Miserably the list of failures is not just limited to persons who attempt to do their own SEO campaigns. It includes firms and self-styled experts who are paid to do an SEO campaign for a client and end up totally failing to accomplish what they set out to do.

Here are the three most common causes for failure. By reviewing and understanding them a webmaster can start their next SEO campaign with good probabilities as they already understand some of the things that usually have a tendency to go wrong.

Supposing That All Businesses And Industries Are The Same

There is common confidence that if somebody succeeds in the SEO of a certain business in a certain exact industry, they will automatically succeed in any industry and any business.

This has to be the most common purpose for failure. Particularly where the webmaster appoints some affordable SEO expert that has had success in some other niche industry.

The truth is that one industry is repeatedly very different from another and pretty often the effort required to get a certain website at the top of search engine rankings is very different from the effort required to get another different site to a similar level. Different classes have different levels of competition. There are certain classes where the competition is so hard and the number of competing websites so several that it is effectively impossible to do any successful SEO campaign without changing the focus and niche target market of that particular initiative.

The temptation is just too big to hand over your website to some SEO expert and expect them to effort some SEO magic with no effort from you. You should struggle with that temptation because the probabilities of such planning occupied are really so wiry that the probabilities are heavily arranged against you succeeding.

A Failure To Pick What Particular Niche To Effort On

Many webmasters are wont to forget that they are challenging in the world market and that the only way they can ever hope to be successful is by sensibly picking some contracted niche that the others have overlooked but which they are very well relevant to cover.

There is no way that you can be all things to all people, and particularly not in a severely good world market. This exact focus on a contracted niche is what will fairly often make or disrupt an SEO effort. If you pick to hire some expert, they will typically be worried to get your industry and will almost not spend any time studying your industry preceding your committing yourself to their services. And by the time you commit, there is no turning back, whatever the difficulties that they meet.


You do not imagine some SEO expert learning all the information you have gathered over many years of involvement in a certain industry in just a few days. And that is surely where the difficulty starts. There is no way that a successful SEO campaign can be executed without sufficient information.

A webmaster who brings out their own SEO campaign is also hopeless to failure if they have not decided on what niche to focus their determinations on.

A Failure To Thoroughly And Regularly Monitor Keyword Popularity

There is no way of ducking the correct keyword phrases for your site in any successful SEO campaign. The vast fault many webmasters or blog owners make is to do their keyword research once and then overlook all about it. Keyword phrases are varying in popularity all the time with some dropping in polarity while others rise in hikes and bounds. There is no way you can possibly stay knowledgeable without regularly and frequently monitoring keyword popularity.

Even more vital, you will not be able to come through the new keyword phrase chances that appear all the time.

If you agree to hire some SEO expert, they will start from a position of weakness if they are not aware of what has escaped over the last few months and even years concerning popular keyword phrases. How will they be able to precisely judge on the finest way to take in their campaign?


You will have understood that SEO campaigns are very near matters that need lots of information and research over a lengthy period of time to be vastly successful. And even if you are taking some professionals onboard to bring out your SEO campaign for you, it is undeniably vital that they have plentiful data to start with. Both from their former capabilities that you should know about and investigate and ask queries about before you disclose anything about the topic material of your website. You too should be congregation as much information as thinkable, all the time.

5 Tips to Improve Google AdSense Click


Got google AdSense approval? Getting low click or less earning? Then I will tell you some tricks which will definitely increase your earnings. Many people face the same issue regarding ads click. The common issue which people have is a low click or low CPC rate.

As AdSense publisher, you know how much it is important to get more clicks as a CTR. Hence people always try to get higher clicks to get more earning. If you see low CTR and less impression then it’s time for you to apply some tricks to maintain it.

•    AdSense as a Part of the content

Making good quality content is a great idea for a website but including AdSense between paragraphs is a great idea. By using ads in between the content will increase the chance of impression. However, you should be care full also. You have to use it inappropriate way. It should not affect user experience.

If you want to improve your AdSense click from the page then focus on a theme that shows it as a feature. It should be not dominating the page as it will affect traffic. The theme should be responsive towards google ads.

•    Changing Positions of Ads

If you are not getting a proper impression then you should try changing the placement of your google ads. It works most of the time. Just make sure that you don’t place your ads in a proper way.

•    Relevant AdSense with Content

Not getting relevant ads can be another reason for your low ad click rates. Google generally offers relevant ads so that people can find them relevant. You should be specific regarding your ads and your target audience.

•    Research on keywords

What are the keywords that bring your website visitors to your website? If they find your website by typing a keyword with a low CPC then this is not good for your salary or your click rate. Google AdSense requires targeted visitors to click on targeted ads. For example, if someone searches for “free desktop wallpaper” and finds a computer website with a virus program in addition they may be less likely to change than someone who has been searching for “virus software”. A good way to find out what keywords people use to get to your website is to go to Google Webmaster tools.

  • Using both ads

Most people think that image ads are more important than text ads. They use mostly image ads not text ads. Never ignore one ad for other use both of them wisely. As sometimes user clicks on text ads accidentally however it will increase your impression indirectly.

Hence if you follow the above-mentioned method then you will get an increase in impression. Please keep in mind that whatever you do focus on advertising but take care of your content. The page should be hygiene as it will affect your viewer we don’t want to lose them. We have to do smart work so that we can earn a good amount with the audience

7 Essential On-Page SEO Techniques For Bloggers In 2021


SEO (Search engine optimization) is the essential thing to get traffic from search engines and it usually divides into two parts, which is known as Off-page and On-page.

Off-page SEO refers to all the things That we do off for our site or blog, such as social media sharing, link building, social bookmarking, etc.

On-page SEO is a practice that is used to optimize web pages to get high rankings and traffic. It refers to all the things which we do internally our site content and HTML source.

Essential On-Page SEO Techniques

In this post, we will specially discuss the on-page SEO in 2021. In this part of SEO, we work on the target keyword to optimize for search engines and we want that keyword to get high rank in SERPs and we apply some of the techniques like optimization of the title, your meta description, placement of the keywords, writing unique quality content, etc. These are the most important techniques to get massive traffic from search engines which are necessary for the establishment of a successful blog or website.

Top 7 on-page SEO techniques in 2021

I have provided some essential on-page techniques for bloggers to use in 2021, which is more important to increase your blog or website visibility in search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. So below are all the important steps you need to take in order to get higher ranking in search engines.

Optimize Your Post Titles

Titles are a very important factor of Search Engine Optimization for your blog and it is the first thing that search engines will pull into their search results. So, It is important to make your post titles meaningful and interesting and use your main keyword in the title. A perfect title not only attracts the visitors but search engines also so you need to be careful in creating a title for your post.

Optimize Your Permalinks

Your post URL structure is also an essential factor in on-page SEO. You also need to make your post URLs search engine friendly. Use your target keywords in the post URL instead of using the symbols, brackets, comma, and other special characters. If you want to separate words, use only dashes and try to make a perfect URL. For example, you are writing an article about ” Health Benefits of Apple” your article URL’s structure should be as below.

USE This:

Instead of using this:

Optimize Your Images

Using Images in your Blog can make your blog look beautiful but it is not only used for making a blog look pretty as it can also help you in increasing website traffic. Now it depends upon you, how you fully optimize your images properly. Below we have mentioned some tips to make your images search engine friendly.

Name and Title, Try to use your main keyword in the image name and separate the words by dashes.

For example, you are writing a post about “health benefits of apple” your image title should have such as “health-benefits-apple” instead of using the default image name.

Use ALT Tag, this tag tells about your images to search engines, so you should use ALT tags with your post images.

Compress Your Images, don’t use large file images in your posts because it increases the site loading time which is harmful to the blog SEO. Use only compressed and smaller file size images in your blog which will make your blog load faster. You can easily compress your images with OptimiZilla or Toolur which we personally use for this blog.

Use of Heading Tags.

Correctly use of heading tags is a truly important factor of SEO. While writing an article for your blog try to divide it into parts and make the use of headings to properly organize your content by the usage of h1, h2, and h3. An H1 tag is used only for the post title and The H2 tag is used for the Title inside the post, The H3 tag is used if needed to organize the content of H2 in the post body but don’t use these so many time in a post as it looks like a negative SEO practice.

Meta Description

A short description of your post which usually appears in the search engine results below your post title is known as Meta Description. It helps the visitors to get a quick idea about your post and know what your web page is about. You should create a perfect Meta Description for your posts and try to use the focus keywords in it and the length of it should be up to 150 characters. A pretty Meta description can increase the CTR and can gain more traffic from search engines.

Keywords Density

Using your targeted keywords in the post is very important but you also need to stay safe from keyword stuffing as using your keyword again and again will damage your SEO because Google is very strict to keyword stuffing and they usually penalize the keyword stuffing sites. So, keep your target keyword only up to 2-3% in your content.

Internal Linking

Including the internal links in your content is another recommended factor in on-page SEO. Google not only has an eye on your external links but it gives a lot of importance to your site’s internal links and this will improve your search engine rankings. On the other hand, internal links will help your visitors to spend more time on your blog.

As the result, your blog page views will increase and it will automatically reduce the bounce rate. So, you should link internally to your related posts from your blog where ever it is needed.


As you have learned all the above-mentioned steps which are some essential factors to improve your on-page SEO. After you implement these things on your site, you will see a big change in the flow of your traffic as you will start receiving high traffic from search engines. If we helped you and you liked our post then don’t forget to share this post in a way to say thank you.

How To Promote My Affiliate Links and Get Sales

Are you thinking of Earning Money online through Affiliate Programs? If yes, then you have come to the right place. we will tell you how to make money online from Web Hosting Affiliate Program and I will also share an idea about promoting your affiliate links in a step by step process.

Promote Affiliate Links Get Sales

Firstly you will have to find the Companies to sign up with their Affiliate Programs. After you have signed up you can start making money with Affiliates. Now a question will arise in your mind about promoting your affiliate links. Nothing is difficult if you understand the process and work hard for it and I am sure you will achieve what you want.

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Promote Through Your Website


If you have a good website and website traffic then you can promote your affiliate links on your site. You can create a post on your affiliated products link or you can write about the best product. So this is how you can generate some sales from your affiliate products.

Online Forums


If you are an active user on any top forum then that will be a great chance to promote your affiliate products through forums. You can find related threads about your product for example website hosting and promote it there. Just provide them some great features and details of your Web Hosting Company and give them your Affiliate Link. This is one of the best ways to promote it and make some extra money with your affiliate program.

Email Customers/Friends/Family


If you use email marketing and are having a good amount of readers then this method will surely work for you for earning money from affiliate programs. You should Promote affiliate products through email. You must be sending Emails daily or weekly. So we will recommend you to set everything up and email about your affiliate’s product regularly to your email list. Email marketing is one of the best ways to generate income online.



Advertising online is also a great way to generate some sales from affiliated programs. You can advertise affiliate links of products of your company on some popular sources like Facebook. Advertisements can really help you grow your sales because your ads are listed as featured and everyone can see them. So the chance for boosting your affiliate sales gets higher.

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Social Media


Social Media networks are used by all of us like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. If you have a strong grip on social networks then you can take great benefit from it. You can promote your Affiliated Product links in Social Media groups, pages, etc to earn money from affiliate programs, and remember, try to promote your link in a post that is related to your product.

Last Words

So these were some best ways to make money with affiliate programs and how to promote your Affiliate Links and increase your sales to make more money from affiliate program residual income. We hope you may have learned something from here. If you have any confusion or questions please feel free to ask in the comments and also share my content online.

How to Speed Up Your Blog and Load It More Faster 2021


Why You Should Speed Up Your Blog whether its Blogger or WordPress? Blogging is diving deep inside into the heart and mind of entrepreneurs and now then you tend to see a great deal of new blogs appearing. Some come and remain while some shut down because of higher competition and absence of improvements.


I know your primary purpose of starting a blog to make money, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have the passion for blogging. Yes, you do have the passion, but still you want the money because it can pay for a couple of bills or something.
If you want your blog to be dead. Okay kill it but if you want it alive than you have to strive to make it stand the competition. I guess you know there are a lot of people out there with blogs making dollars daily and also have blogs which receive high website traffic. So what’s the secret? They won’t tell you.
There are several reasons, while if i visit a blog, one remains the page loading speed. I just hate sluggishness so when your blog is slow I will pass by. This is why you should increase your blog speed whether it is a website or a blog you need quick loading.

More then 50% of users will bounce from your site and leave if it does not load in 3 seconds.

If you are a WordPress user then you can also get help with WordPress plugins to increase page load time and speed of your blog.

Why Its Important To Speed Up Your Blog

Reduces your Bounce Rate

Pagespeed has a major effect on the blog bounce rate. The more bounce rate you get, the more your search ranking will be lost. Bounce rate directly informs search engine the number of times people click back from your blog.
Many bloggers today have this problem, and they don’t know that low page speed is killing their blog.

Increases your Blog Traffic

Page Speed is a major reason why we get or lose active visitors. If your blog is slow in loading, then most of your traffic will not return because slow loading sites kill the zeal of reading your post.
This happens especially to mobile phone visitors who will have to wait minutes for a page on your blog to load. When your blog is fast loading, you will get more daily views, returning visitors, page views per visitor and also increased organic traffic.

Improves your Presence in SERP

If you want to see your posts and blog ranking higher in search engines, page speed is one of the things you should work on. Fast loading blogs are tagged as user-friendly or mobile friendly. Google uses this to rank your blog and pages Increase your blog speed and enjoy good SERP.

Improve Blog Search Engine Optimization

Today, there are a lot of SEO experts recommending you the best SEO practices to get your blog on search engines. Speed is one out of the best tips to increase blog SEO.
When your site is fast loading, then you have passed a step for improving SEO. This is because Google, Bing, Yandex and all the major search engines have placed a percentage of ranking on blogs that are fast and user-friendly.

Double your Blog Earnings

If you are a blogger and running affiliate ads on your blog, speeding up your blogger blog will definitely increase your earning. Most ads platform including Alternative Ads (high paying PPC/CPM affiliate) pays you per number of clicks and impressions.
With a fast loading blog, your blog traffic will increase and it will automatically increase your ads impression and aside from that, the higher the page views, the higher the chances of getting relevant clicks.

Best Tips To Increase Your Blog Speed

Optimize/Minify Your Images

As you strive to speed up your Blogger or WordPress blog, you have to consider optimizing your images. Images are imported from your blog but after you properly optimize images it will reduce your blog loading speed.

Use Less Widgets/Plugins

A blog needs widgets to function properly but still, there should be a limit to the number of widgets you are adding to your blog. Avoid using widgets with much images, scripts, and external source files. Don’t try to show a lot of widgets in your blogger mobile template.

Eliminate rendering blocking CSS and JavaScript

JavaScript and CSS have a significant role to play in our blog and if you are a template designer, you will definitely have an idea of JavaScript. You should consider optimizing CSS delivery and also eliminate rendering blocking JS.

Reduce Server Response Time

Google page speed insights recommend reducing your server response time and till date, I am still looking for to get this done.

Reduce the number of posts shown per page.

You might consider reducing the number of posts you show per page (home, archive, and labels). It will also help you in loading your blog more faster.


As all the above mentioned tips on Speeding up your blog and making it load more fast will not only help you load your blog quicker but it will also improve your Search engine ranking and you will see increase in your blog traffic. All of this will help you reduce your blog bounce rate, get more visitors and double your earnings. I hope you will get some help by this and i will love it if you share this post as a sign of thanks.

10 Essential Tips To Know Before Buying A Domain Name


The Search for finding a good domain name starts when we are ready to get our business online and that’s the need of every business today as INTERNET is the heart of every business by now. A Business is no more successful for those who are not having their business online as the majority of people now prefer buying online while sitting in their room. People are running out of time and everyone is in a great hurry to get the multiple things done in a short time so they prefer buying and booking orders online as it saves a lot of time. But there is much more you need to know before setting your business online which starts from Buying A Good Domain Name that will differentiate your business from others and make you stand out. Let’s see how.

Buying Domain Name

Things To Know Before You Buy A Domain Name

Checking Availability

The Crucial step is Before you start working hard on building a business with a unique name, check online the availability of a Domain name for your business name. It may happen that it is already taken by anyone else around the globe so ultimately you will end up losing your best choice of a domain name for your business. You may also check for expired domains which are recently expired and not registered yet.

Domain Name Extensions

Main Top Level Domain Names are With Extensions .Com, .Net, .Org, .Info and .Net where.Com remains mostly used extension which is for Commercial Purpose. It is strongly recommended that you use a “.Com” domain name extension for your business as it fits the best and gets rankings in search engines all over the world. But in case your Business is Local, then do read 4th Point.

As Short As Fits Best

Keep your Domain Name as short as possible. The shorter it is the better it will be. Keep a good combination of your name and your business name or Your Goals And Business name. Try Different variations and pick the one which satisfies you. Keep its length up to less than 15 characters.

Location or Targeted Area

If Your Business is Local then consider buying a Top Level Country Domain Name ie. for Australia or for England. Then your website/blog will get higher rankings in that particular country where is your targeted audience.

Easy To Type And Remember

Now just think of some big players around the web like as Facebook, Wikipedia, and Amazon. Did you get it? These names are simple, short and eye catchy which are easy to type and remember.

Use Keywords

It is very important from the point of view of SEO for your domain name. Try to have the main keyword for your business included in your domain name by which people will use to search online.

Avoiding Hyphens or Numbers

If possible, avoid using hyphens or numbers in your domain name. It works best if there is no hyphen or number in a domain name. But if you got no choice, you can use a hyphen which is far better than not having it at all. Be creative and I bet you would come up with better options available.

Protecting Your Brand

Now if you Have Registered your domain name with a .com or any other extension, now its time to protect your Brand name from your competitors. Because by the time when your business will get popular, competitors will get their hands to steal your audience by registering the same domain name with the other extensions available. So this time, be ready to buy all other major TLDNs and make a redirect to your main domain name. Be safe.

Checking For Registered Trademarks

Before Registering your domain name for the business, do check if someone already has registered trademarks on that or not. If you are unable to get my point then you must Google the “Microsoft vs. MikeRoweSoft” case. Do not infringe the copyrights of other people and stay away from serious trouble.

Expanding Capability

Do not purchase a domain name that makes your business be limited. In the future, your business may expand and include a wide range of products. Do not make your blog/website a single product/niche based ie. is limited To Baby Girl Shoes so what if you start selling other baby girl products in the future?


Above I tried my best to explain the Things To Consider Before Purchasing A Domain Name. These tips are the basis for buying a good domain name and we hope you got something new from this post. I might have left some other important points so feel free to ask in the comments and we will try to include them in our list. Thank you. Stay Safe!


Best WordPress Plugins – Essentials for Every WP Blog


If you have a WordPress blog then it is really important to make sure you are using the must have WordPress plugins for your blog. As we all know that WordPress is one of the Best Blogging Platforms and when you start a blog you have to make it as perfect as you can so we use the best WordPress Plugins to make things happen to your blog.

There are so many plugins available for WordPress that you can use in your WordPress website. Most of the plugins are free and the premium plugins are the paid ones. But in this post, I will show you the best and must have WordPress Plugins that you should use in your WordPress Blog.

Best WordPress Backup Plugins

If you have a WordPress blog then the most important thing to keep in mind is to backup your WordPress blog from time to time because you may need it in some tricky situations if your website is hacked or accidentally locked. Backup is important because it downloads your website to your computer or any cloud server in a form of a file where it is kept safe and when needed, you can easily backup your website whenever any problem occurs with your website.

It is very important for you to note that there are many WordPress hosting providers that offer limited backup service so I will recommend you to backup your website on your own so below I have listed some free and premium best WordPress plugins to backup your WordPress website.

1-      Backup Buddy

backup buddy wordpress

Backup Buddy is one of the best and popular backup plugins for WordPress which is used for automatic regular backups of your WordPress blog and you can also schedule daily, weekly and monthly backups with Backup Buddy. It also gives you the option to save your backup directly to Stash (Backup Buddy’s cloud server), Dropbox, Amazon S3, FTP, Rackspace Cloud and you can also receive it directly in your Email.

2-      VaultPress (By Automattic)


Vaultpress is the most recommended Backup plugin to use for your website as it is from the founders of WordPress. It is a premium plugin and will cost you an affordable small payment of $3.95/month or $39/year. It is very safe for your website as it can backup your website in few clicks if anything bad happens to your website.

It also provides you with automated daily backups with unlimited storage space and protects you from brute force attacks, spam in comments and pingbacks.

3-      UpdraftPlus

updraftplus wordpress

UpdraftPlus is the best free wordpress backup plugin and provides you with the facility to create the complete backup of your website and downloads it to your computer. This plugin can provide you on demand backups as well as schedule backups. It can also automatically upload/store your backups to the cloud servers like Dropbox, Google Drive, Rackspace, Email, FTP and many others.

Updraft also have a premium plan which you can choose and get some more extra features which have add-ons to migrate or duplicate site, search and replace database and it also gives you the facility to access the priority support.

Security and Maintenance Plugins For WordPress

It is very important to take a look at the security of your WordPress blog and protect your website from hackers, spammers, and bots that try to log in to your website in various ways. You should take good care of your website maintenance and security to keep your website safe and healthy. Below I have listed the best security WordPress plugins to use in your blog to make your blog stay safe.

4-      Wordfence Security

wordfence wordpress

Wordfence WordPress Plugin is my favorite and recommended plugin to use for the security of my blog. It gives you extra protection by locking the people who are trying to access the login of your website and also blocks the IP of users and bots that are trying to hack your website. You can receive notifications by email about the security of your website if anything suspicious happens with your WordPress site.

It also provides you with a premium version which gives you extra support and helps you whenever you are in trouble.

5-      JetPack

JetPack wordpress

Jetpack is a powerful plugin that is automatic (the team behind WordPress) and it is added automatically when you install WordPress. It provides you with a bunch on features that can make your website look totally different and better than before. Jetpack takes of your website stats, security, performance, image optimization, social shares, website appearance, and much more.

6-      W3 Total Cache

w3 total cache

This plugin is very powerful and improves the speed and performance of your website. W3 Total Cache is a plugin that stores the cache of your website data temporarily to make your website load faster for the users who had visited before. This will improve your search engine optimization.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) WordPress Plugins

SEO plugins are used to help you in generating website traffic. So I have listed some best WordPress SEO plugins which will help you to generate more traffic to your website. You can add your own keywords and description for search engine results to improve your search engine visibility and rankings.

7-      WordPress SEO by Yoast (Free)

yoast plugin

WordPress SEO Yoast is a popular and most powerful plugin for search engine optimization. It takes control of almost everything related to the SEO for your WordPress website. While you create your posts this plugin will help you choose the perfect wording and keywords to use in your posts to get ranking in google search results.

But you have to keep in mind that only installing this plugin won’t work for you until you use it properly and get benefits from it.

8-      Google Analytics Dashboard

Google Analytics Dashboard

It is a great time saving plugin for users who can directly check their analytics stats right from their WordPress dashboard. Google Analytics Dashboard Plugin for WordPress helps you to easily connect to your Google Analytics account from your WordPress blog. You can see your analytics reports like page views and most visited posts from your WordPress dashboard. Well, it is not necessary but it’s worth adding.

9-      Google XML Sitemaps

google xml sitemap

Google XML Sitemap is the best sitemap plugin for WordPress which can easily create a perfect sitemap for your WordPress blog. WordPress SEO by Yoast also provides you with a sitemap facility but Google XML Sitemaps makes it a lot easier for us to generate a sitemap for WordPress.

To add the sitemap to Google webmaster tools you need to go to the plugin settings and copy the URL provided by it and past it in Google Webmaster Tools and that’s it! You have created and submitted a WordPress sitemap.

10-  All In One Rich Snippets

rich snippets

As you might have seen some extra kind of information like star ratings, the number of reviews and images below some of the web pages present in the search results. They take a look at user interests and pick some extra information which the users might want to know such information and ratings are called Rich Snippets.

Rich snippets are the best way to get the beautiful appearance of your posts and pages in search engine results. These snippets highlight the main information about the page/post and this is the best way to get more clicks to your website in search engines.

11-  WP Smush (Image Optimization)

wp smush image optimization

To give some beauty to your WordPress posts we use images to attract the user’s attention but sometimes using a lot of images may need some storage and it can also slow down your website speed and might disturb your visitor.

WP Smush image optimization plugin is the best to use as it compresses your images into smaller size and makes your website load faster. It deals with several kinds of image formats like JPEG, PNG, GIF and compresses it with its great tools to make your website performance better.

12-  Internal Link Generator

Internal links are very important as it really works for the ranking of your website in the search engines like Google and Bing. Interlinking your content with your own website pages through relevant keywords is the best way to improve your website SEO and increase website traffic.

Internal Link Generator is one of the best SEO Plugins for WordPress. It automatically inter link the keywords to the related posts from your site. So in this way, your site can create a lot of link juice (Internal Links) and this is how you can improve your website ranking.

You have the options in settings to set how many times a keyword should use the internal link and how many internal links to show in your posts.

WordPress Social Sharing Plugins

The Social Sharing WordPress plugins are used to display sharing buttons of your favorite social networks which can let your visitors socialize and share your posts on the top social networks to increase more visitors to your website.

13-  Social Icons

social icons plugin

There is no doubt that social media is a popular platform for users which is increasing day by day. So if you use social media in your website you can even increase website traffic from social networks and also promote your website.

Social Icons a free plugin that is here to help you with almost everything you need related to social sharing. This is one of the best social sharing WordPress plugins which can help you add social icons to your posts and pages via shortcodes and widgets. This plugin supports more than 100 social networks which you can add to your website for social sharing and you also have the choice to edit social icons like round-shaped, box-shaped etc to make your website appearance more beautiful.

14-  Frizzly – Social Share Buttons

social share buttons

You may be using a lot of plugins for your social sharing but using more and more plugins will also slow down the speed of your website and will also look messy.

If you want an all-in-one solution so I will recommend you Frizzly which is the best social sharing buttons plugin which you should use in your blog. You can add social share buttons of popular social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn and much more.

You can add these sharing buttons to your images, posts, and pages as it will help your visitors to share your content more and more.

Subscriber and Community Building Plugins WordPress

These plugins help you in creating your own community and engage with your users and visitors. The subscriber plugins are used for building relationships with your readers as if they subscribe to your blog they will receive an email every time you create a new post on your blog.

15-  MailChimp For WordPress

mailchimp wordpres

One of the most popular email marketing plugins for WordPress is MailChimp. This Email WP Plugin helps you get more subscribers to your MailChimp list in various ways. You can create your opt-in forms more beautifully as this plugin provides you with a lot of design options and you can also integrate it with your other forms in your WordPress like Contact form, Comment, or Checkout.

You can connect to MailChimp in seconds and you have full control over your sign-up forms as they are user-friendly, good looking and also optimized for mobiles. You can integrate it with plugins like Contact Form 7, WooCommerce, Ninja Forms 3, and a lot more.

16-  OptinMonster

optinmonster wordpress plugin

Want more subscribers? If yes then this is the time to convert your visitors into subscribers with OptinMonster. It is the best subscriber plugin for WordPress to use in your WP blog.

OptinMonster is easy to use with its drag and drop builder which creates beautiful forms for you. You can have multiple types of forms like lightbox popup, floating bars, slide-ins, sidebar, and much more. The greatest feature which I think in it is that it does not disturbs your visitors by popping up suddenly anyone visits your website but it gives some time for your visitor to read your content and when the visitor is about to leave they will see a beautiful popup which they will love to subscribe.

17-   CommentLuv

commentluv for wordpress

Do you want to increase comments on your WordPress blog? Then CommentLuv has some special features which can increase your blog comments and traffic to your website. In order to get more comments, you have to reward your readers so they will love to comment on your posts again.

CommentLuv is a free plugin that rewards your commenters with a link to the recent post they have made in their blog. They will love to get a backlink to their website and your comments will start increasing because everyone wants a backlink to their blog.

You can also try the CommentLuv Premium version which have a lot of extra options which you can use in your blog. You have the ability to reward your commenters with extra links or you can check the analytics for where your commenter’s are coming from.

18-  Comment Reply Email Notification

Sometimes we comment on a website and ask a question but if we get a reply on our comment we don’t know if someone replied or not and this is not good for your WP blog because it is a bad impression on your blog.

In order to get rid of that Comment Reply Email Notification is the best plugin for comment replies. Whenever anyone comments on your post they will get a notification email whenever there is a new comment or reply on that post. This is how you can improve your web traffic and show people that you are an active owner of the website.

19-  Comment Redirection

You should introduce the community of your website to your new visitors but the best way to do that is using a Comment Redirection plugin which you will help you welcome a new user to your website’s community.

Comment Redirection is a free WordPress plugin and it does all the work for you automatically. You just need to set everything up in the plugin setting and afterwards when anyone comments on your post they will be redirected to a welcome to our community page which will show a great impression and a sign of thank you for the user who commented on your website.

Best Contact Form Plugins WordPress

The Contact Form Plugins are used in your blogs to create a perfect and beautiful contact form for your users to contact you if they have any questions or problems. There are several contact form plugins but i have listed the best contact form plugin for wordpress. 

20-  Contact Form 7

contact form 7

It is very important for every website to have a contact page/form because it is necessary for the visitors to contact the website owner with any kind of issue or questions.

Contact Form 7 provides you the ability to create multiple forms and manage them with this beautiful plugin. You don’t need to do any coding you can set up and customize everything on the settings page. This contact form supports Akismet filtering which can help from spam,  Ajax powered submitting, and Captcha. 

More Recommended Plugins

I know I have listed a lot of plugins above but I want to give you more so I have listed some more recommended plugins which are essential to use in your WordPress blog.

21-  Akismet

akismet wordprss plugin

Askimet is a default plugin in WordPress that helps you to automatically moderate and check your blog comments. It helps you from spamming comments and securing your website from spammers.

22-  Ajax Contact Forms

It is a great plugin which is built in with JQuery and it easily integrates into your wordpress blog. It is easy and simple to use and it also has a Twitter direct messaging feature which is built in it.

23-  Login Lockdown

login lockdown wordpres

Login Lockdown is a very important and great security plugin which helps your wordpress blog to stay protected by hackers and it gives you every detail of every login made to your wordpress account.

24-  SEO Image Optimizer

seo image optimizer

SEO Image Optimizer helps you to automatically add alt text and Title attribution to all your blog images and rank your images higher in search engines and this is a great way to increase website traffic from images.

25-  CloudFare for WordPress

cloudfare wordpress

Cloud Fare protects your blog from spammers. It also shows the real IP addresses of the commenter’s of your blog. Cloudflare will protect your website from hacking and will also help you to improve your website speed and load it faster than before.

26-  Yet Another Related Posts Plugin


It is a related posts plugin that makes a related posts box on the bottom of your posts and shows relevant content inside your website. So it is a great plugin as it helps your users to stay on your site for longer and browse more content from your site.

Did I Miss Your Favorite Plugin?

So these were the essential WordPress plugins you should have in your WordPress blog. If you think that I missed any plugin that should be added to a WordPress blog then help me and list it down in the comments below and I will surely add it to my list of must-have best WordPress plugins. I hope you liked this post and if you have any questions you can still ask and don’t forget to share.